how to pressure wash faster

There’s no denying that pressure washing is the fastest way to tackle tough messes. You can quickly and easily clean a variety of surfaces with a quality pressure washing system in San Antonio. But because your business is driven by productivity, it’s worth looking into how to pressure wash faster. And in this article, that’s exactly what you’ll learn.

Below, we’re going to share 8 ways you can speed up your pressure washing process and unlock the highest level of efficiency possible. Whether you own a business with frequent cleaning needs or you’re starting a pressure washing business and want to take your craft to the next level, this guide is for you. Before we get into our tips for pressure washing faster, let’s talk about the importance of maintaining quality along the way…

Pressure Washing Efficiency Matters – But it Shouldn’t Come at the Cost of Efficacy!

Yes, pressure washing efficiency is important. If you’re operating the machine yourself, you want to get done in a timely manner so you can focus on the rest of the tasks on your seemingly endless to-do list. During those hot summer days, speed is everything. 

And even if you have a crew to handle the cleaning for you, it’s important to empower them with an efficient cleaning process so you can get the job done quickly and earn the highest ROI possible. After all, time is money! 

But we want to offer a word of caution – increased efficiency must not come at the cost of efficacy! The goal is to do the job correctly in as little time as possible. Timing comes second to quality. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that rushing through the job is somehow an accomplishment. 

If you don’t do the job right the first time around, you’ll pay for it in the long run. You’ll have to clean more frequently. Or in the case of a pressure washer business, you’ll end up losing clients and developing a bad reputation – which can prevent you from ever getting your company off the ground.

All of this is to say that quality work should precede efficiency. With that said, there are ways you can speed up the pressure washing process while maintaining high standards for quality. Without any further ado, let’s get into the main reason you came here…

How to Pressure Wash Faster: 8 Ways to Speed Things Up Without Sacrificing Quality

Ready to learn how to pressure wash faster? Below, we’re going to share 8 ways you can speed things up and get through tough jobs faster – without any sacrifice in quality. Really, this can be simplified with two pieces of advice: set yourself up for success with the right equipment and follow a smart process. However, we’ll get more specific as to what we mean by that below – starting with increasing the PSI of your unit.

Increase the Pressure Washer PSI

Increasing the PSI (pounds per square inch) of your pressure washer can speed up your cleaning process by increasing the cleaning power of the water stream. A pressure washer with a higher PSI can break up dirt and grime more easily, allowing you to clean more efficiently without doing any more work – it’s that simple!

So, what is a good PSI for a pressure washer? We recommend using a machine that has at least 2,000 PSI – ideally, one that has the capability of exceeding 3,000 PSI. 

This is a great starting point, because you may not even have to replace your unit if you have the ability to adjust your PSI. However, be careful not to use too high of a PSI setting as this could damage the surfaces you’re cleaning.

Increase the Pressure Washer GPM

Now, PSI is just one part of the equation that adds up to efficient cleaning. You should also consider the GPM on your unit. 

Wait – what is GPM on a pressure washer exactly? GPM (gallons per minute) refers to the amount of water that flows through the pressure washer. A higher GPM can help speed up the cleaning process by allowing you to cover more area in less time.

And just like with PSI, you can increase GPM on most pressure washers. If your machine lacks this ability, you can try using a larger water supply. Just be sure you don’t attempt to exceed the flow rate maximum by your unit’s manufacturer. This could result in damage to your machine – the last thing you want from an efficiency standpoint. 

Use Attachments to Your Advantage

Once you’ve ramped up the PSI and GPM settings on your machine, it’s time to use attachments to your advantage. To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of the best pressure washer accessories for any business to have. However, a good starting point is to grab surface cleaners, extension wands, turbo nozzles, and foam cannons. These will speed up specific cleaning tasks.

For example, a surface cleaner can clean large flat surfaces much quicker than if you were to manually clean them with a wand and nozzle. It would be like using a lawnmower instead of clipping the grass by hand with a pair of scissors. If you’re pressure washing parking lots or pressure washing concrete warehouse floors, this is a must-have.

Meanwhile, a telescoping wand can help you reach high areas without using a ladder or having to strain yourself. And there are also variable pressure wands that effortlessly allow you to increase or decrease the pressure without touching your machine. 

Other attachments that can help you with efficiency in one way or another include hose reels, additional hoses, brushes, remote controls, and specialty nozzles.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, too – we recommend you check out the full list for more information. Or, see what we have in store for you at Hotsy in our collection of pressure washer replacement parts and accessories. 

Add a Concentrated Pressure Washing Detergent

This is one of the very best ways to pressure wash faster. By pairing your powerful pressure washing machine with the best pressure washer soap, you can spend less time spraying or manually agitating the surface. 

Many business owners try to cut corners and save money by creating their own chemical cleaning solutions – but we don’t recommend learning how to make your own homemade pressure washer detergent

Instead, stick with the quality pressure washer degreaser formulations we have at Hotsy. These detergents have active ingredients that even the toughest messes are no match for. You can choose a formulation based on the mess in question – whether you have food grease, crude oil, mud, graffiti, you name it. 

Give the surface a quick soak in the suds, and come back and spray it off – revealing a like new shine underneath! You can read our article on how to use a pressure washer with detergent for more information. 

Use Hot Water Instead of Cold Water

There are two main types of pressure washers you’ll find: hot water vs cold water pressure washers. Each has its place, but the heated pressure washer dramatically outperforms its cold water counterpart in terms of efficiency. This is because hot water can help dissolve dirt and grime more easily, making it easier to wash away.

At Hotsy, we have an incredible selection of commercial hot water pressure washers for sale. You’ll gain access to more than 80 different models – making it easy to find the perfect solution for your unique needs. With over 40 years of experience, you can count on us to get you set up with the best commercial pressure washer for your business!

Work Top to Bottom in Overlapping Patterns

Knowing how to use a pressure washer isn’t enough – you need to incorporate advanced pressure washing techniques to maximize efficiency. It sounds simple, but there is a specific manner in which you should clean your surfaces. 

Work top to bottom so that you don’t push dirt or grime back into clean areas and end up wasting time going back over them. This also helps prevent streaks and drips. Similarly, you should work in an overlapping pattern that ensures you don’t miss any areas and end up having to spot clean. This approach also prevents you from wasting your time accidentally cleaning the same spot twice.

Break Large Jobs into Smaller Sections

Taking on a large pressure washing job can be daunting – whether it’s pressure washing commercial buildings or restaurant pressure washing. The solution? Break that large job up into smaller sections. 

By focusing your attention on just one area at a time, you can prevent fatigue and ensure that you don’t miss any areas. It will also help you work faster by minimizing the time you spend moving around. 

Follow a Detailed Checklist for Setup and Breakdown

Sure, the actual process of pressure washing is going to take most of your time up. But as you may discover early on, setting up and tearing down your equipment also takes time. In fact, you’ll find that you end up wasting a lot of time here. The good news is that this can be solved by taking a more process-oriented approach to set up and breakdown.

To create a checklist, make a list of all the equipment and tools you need, such as your pressure washer, hoses, nozzles, attachments, and safety gear. Also, include any cleaning agents or detergents you plan to use. Review the manufacturer’s instructions for each piece of equipment to ensure that you know how to use and maintain it properly.

When setting up, follow your checklist and make sure that you have everything you need before beginning to pressure wash. Once you’re finished, use the checklist to ensure that you properly shut down the pressure washer and store all the equipment and tools in their proper place.

Beyond helping you pressure wash faster, this tip will extend the lifespan of your pressure washer and other equipment, saving you time and money in the long run. You should have a similar process in place for pressure washer servicing.

Want to Unlock the Highest Pressure Washing Efficiency Possible? Visit Hotsy in South Texas!

There you have it – how to pressure wash faster. As you can see, most of the advice has to do with upgrading your pressure washer to something with more effective, efficient cleaning capabilities. And for that, you can head to any of the Hotsy Equipment Company locations in South Texas!

Our machines don’t just push the limits of performance – they’re durable and reliable. This means you won’t need to stress over downtime cutting into your efficiency. And if that ever does happen, we’ll be there to make it right as fast as possible.

We’re passionate about helping you make the most of your cleaning process. Not only do we have the best selection of pressure washers to purchase – you can count on us for commercial pressure washer rental and pressure washer repair, too. We said it before, and we’ll say it again: nothing cleans like a Hotsy!

Closing Thoughts on How to Pressure Wash Faster

Now that you know how to pressure wash faster, it’s time to put the tips we’ve provided into practice. Whether you’re looking for a gym cleaning solution or are pressure washing oil stains, you can implement the advice we’ve given and see for yourself what’s possible. There’s nothing stopping you from supercharging your cleaning process and unlocking productivity levels you didn’t even know were possible!