Commercial & Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washers in San Antonio

What Makes Our Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washers in San Antonio the #1 Choice?

Our industrial hot water pressure washers are the premier choice in San Antonio for their superior cleaning power, especially when dealing with tough grease and oil. The hot water not only cuts through grime more effectively but also sanitizes surfaces, making it ideal for a variety of industries.

Hotsy Equipment Company enhances this cleaning prowess with reliable and durable machines, each backed by industry-leading warranties and supported by a service team that ensures your industrial pressure washer remains in top condition.

Types of Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washers in San Antonio We Carry

At Hotsy Equipment Company, our extensive range of industrial hot water pressure washers is unmatched. We offer over 80 models, including portable and stationary units, electric motor or gas engine powered, to cater to every specific need.

Our selection includes the 500 Series for construction, the 700 Series for small businesses, the 800 Series with easy maneuverability, and the powerful 1200 Series for truck or trailer mounting, among others.

Each model is designed to provide the robust cleaning power that our customers have come to rely on.

900 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 500 Series – our most popular series, powered by an electric motor and ideal for construction, manufacturing, trucking, or agriculture.

700 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 700 Series – another electric motor series that can either be oil-fired, LP-fired, or natural gas-fired. Choose from direct or belt drive. These are great for small businesses on a budget who need industrial cleaning power.

800 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 800 Series – enjoy easy maneuverability with the heavy-duty rubber tires and beefy casters on this series. Uses the reliable Hotsy Crossfire burner, and is oil-fired with an electric motor.

900 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 900 Series – this is a stationary cleaner with incredibly intuitive features such as programmable smart control, auto start/stop, time delay shutdown, and more.

1200 Series pressure washer

Hotsy 1200 Series – gas-powered, and provides hours of rigorous cleaning for those who want to mount the unit to a truck or trailer. All kinds of upgrades are available.

1400 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 1400 Series – this was our first stationary washer, but it’s been redesigned to be safer and more innovative. It’s as programmable as the 900 series but offers more cleaning power.

1200 Series pressure washer

Hotsy 1800 Series – if you’re looking for a unit for manufacturing or food processing facilities, this highly efficient indoor unit is perfect. Electric powered and natural gas-fired.

5700 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 5700 / 5800 Series – this series is designed for wash bay cleaning and is built for multiple users at once to maximize efficiency.

Pressure Washers of Hot Water

Hotsy Gas Engine Series – the gas engine series is all about power and versatility, offering powerful, portable cleaning anywhere. Can be converted to a skin unit, portable, or truck mount – use it however you see fit!

HSS Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy HSS Series – powered by diesel, the HSS series is our biggest, most robust series for the toughest cleaning jobs out there. Great for trailer mounting, and produces up to 9.5GPM.

HWE Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy HWE Series – if you prefer whisper-quiet cleaning – the HWE series is for you. Great for using indoors since it emits no fumes, which is why we see it used in manufacturing and food processing facilities.

Industries That Rely on Our Heated Pressure Washers

  • Farms: Essential for equipment maintenance to keep machinery in top condition.
  • Food Service: Achieves grease-free surfaces, ensuring sanitation and cleanliness.
  • Construction: Cleans heavy machinery, helping to maintain and extend equipment life.
  • Manufacturing: Keeps facilities and production lines hygienic and operational.
  • Marine: Utilized for ship maintenance to remove saltwater residue and biological growth.
  • Oil Industry: Effective in degreasing and cleaning drilling equipment and rigs.
  • Transportation: Used for fleet maintenance to clean vehicles and maintain appearances.
  • Waste Management: Assists in sanitizing vehicles and equipment, managing waste residue.
  • Additional Industries: Including but not limited to automotive, hospitality, healthcare, and more, where stringent cleanliness is required.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Commercial Cleaning Solution Today

Not sure a heated pressure washing solution is right for you? We also offer commercial cold water pressure washers in San Antonio. Need a mobile setup? Consider our commercial pressure washer trailers in San Antonio.

No matter what your needs are, we’re equipped to set you up with the perfect equipment and accessories. From pressure washer rental to pressure washer repair, pressure washer parts, and more think Hotsy when you think of commercial cleaning. We serve the following regions:

  • San Antonio
  • New Braunfels
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  • Rio Grande Valley
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  • McAllen

Reach out today and we’ll empower you to optimize your cleaning process!