Anyone cleaning heavy equipment will want to consider a Hotsy hot water pressure washer. If you have grease or oil to remove from the cleaning surface, hot water cleaning is the best, most efficient means of cleaning.

Hotsy has over 80 hot water pressure washers in our line-up available in portable or stationary models, powered by an electric motor or gas engine.

When combined with Hotsy Detergents, you’ll have the best tools available to care for your equipment investment.

Why Hotsy Has The Top Hot Water Pressure Washers For Sale

With over four decades of experience in this industry, it’s no surprise we’ve developed a reputation as the best in the business.

We take great pride in producing the most efficient, effective, durable, and reliable cleaning equipment on the market. And, this level of quality is complemented by our incredible support and service team. If you have heavy-duty cleaning needs – there’s only one place to shop, and that’s here at Hotsy. Here are a few specific reasons customers prefer our pressure washers to the alternatives out there:

  • Durability & Reliability – With welded frames & rust-resistant polyethylene tanks, our equipment is built for the dirtiest, most demanding jobs and will stand the test of time.
  • Safety & Peace of Mind – you can feel safe and secure using our equipment, which is the safest in the market. All our washers are ETL-certified and pass rigorous testing.
  • Built To Last – When you invest in Hotsy equipment, you’ll get your money’s worth – because these machines will be here for years doing their job. Our beefy high-pressure pumps are built with NESTechnology to increase seal life and stability.
  • Industry-leading Warranties – Your investment is protected when you work with Hotsy, as we back our equipment with a 7-year warranty on the high-pressure pump and a 5-year warranty on the heating coil

The Different Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washers For Sale At Hotsy:

We have over 80 different hot water pressure washers for sale here – but wanted to highlight a few of our most popular models you can choose from in the Hotsy lineup:

900 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 500 Series – our most popular series, powered by an electric motor and ideal for construction, manufacturing, trucking, or agriculture.

700 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 700 Series – another electric motor series that can either be oil-fired, LP-fired, or natural gas-fired. Choose from direct or belt drive. These are great for small businesses on a budget who need industrial cleaning power.

800 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 800 Series – enjoy easy maneuverability with the heavy-duty rubber tires and beefy casters on this series. Uses the reliable Hotsy Crossfire burner, and is oil-fired with an electric motor.

900 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 900 Series – this is a stationary cleaner with incredibly intuitive features such as programmable smart control, auto start/stop, time delay shutdown, and more.

1200 Series pressure washer

Hotsy 1200 Series – gas-powered, and provides hours of rigorous cleaning for those who want to mount the unit to a truck or trailer. All kinds of upgrades are available.

1400 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 1400 Series – this was our first stationary washer, but it’s been redesigned to be safer and more innovative. It’s as programmable as the 900 series but offers more cleaning power.

1200 Series pressure washer

Hotsy 1800 Series – if you’re looking for a unit for manufacturing or food processing facilities, this highly efficient indoor unit is perfect. Electric powered and natural gas-fired.

5700 Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy 5700 / 5800 Series – this series is designed for wash bay cleaning and is built for multiple users at once to maximize efficiency.

Pressure Washers of Hot Water

Hotsy Gas Engine Series – the gas engine series is all about power and versatility, offering powerful, portable cleaning anywhere. Can be converted to a skin unit, portable, or truck mount – use it however you see fit!

HSS Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy HSS Series – powered by diesel, the HSS series is our biggest, most robust series for the toughest cleaning jobs out there. Great for trailer mounting, and produces up to 9.5GPM.

HWE Series Hot Water Washers

Hotsy HWE Series – if you prefer whisper-quiet cleaning – the HWE series is for you. Great for using indoors since it emits no fumes, which is why we see it used in manufacturing and food processing facilities.

Rent Or Buy Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washers At Hotsy!

Whether you’re looking to buy your equipment outright or rent it for a few weeks, you have come to the right place – we can handle all your needs here at Hotsy.

Our commercial pressure washer rentals program is perfect for anyone in the San Antonio or South Texas region who needs heavy-duty, industrial cleaning equipment fast. Our rental fleet is modern and well-kept, so you’ll enjoy efficiency and reliability when our equipment is in your possession. Should anything ever go wrong, we’ll make it right – bringing you a replacement quickly so you have no downtime.

Where Can I Find Hotsy Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washers For Sale?

We’ve got industrial hot water pressure washers all over the South Texas region. If you’re in the area, chances are you’re closer to one of our many locations than you think!

Across all our locations, you’ll find our entire list of services offered. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy equipment, purchase some detergents or disinfectants, or even just get your equipment serviced – you can find us in the following cities:

  • San Antonio
  • New Braunfels
  • Laredo
  • Rio Grande Valley
  • Eagle Ford Shale
  • Brownsville
  • McAllen

Here at Hotsy, we can handle all our industrial cleaning needs – if you think a hot water pressure washer might be a bit more than you need, consider our cold water pressure washers! We also have the detergents you need for serious cleaning. Reach out today for a quote by giving us a call at (210) 864-9809 or come by one of our facilities!