Cuda Automatic Parts Washers

Save Time & Money With Hotsy Automatic Parts Washers!

Don’t waste valuable time and money cleaning small parts by hand – with our collection of automatic parts washers, you can automate this tedious task forever! Your employees will thank you, and your bottom line will too.

These are great for all sorts of industries – from truck/auto repair shops to airline maintenance, hydraulics, and even manufacturing.

These aqueous-based, industrial-sized cabinet washers implement powerful spray jets of pressurized hot water to blast away built-up dirt, oil, and other grime from all your parts. With the help of Hotsy detergents, these machines are even more efficient and effective.

And because all our washers are ETL Certified to UL-73 standards for safety, you can invest with peace of mind knowing your workforce is safe and your business is compliant.

Cuda Automatic Parts Washers

How beneficial is a Cuda Automatic Parts Washer to a repair shop? Watch this video and find out.

Posted by Hotsy Equipment Company on Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Automatic Parts Washers at Cuda
Cuda Automatic Parts Washers
Cuda Parts Washers

How Hotsy Automatic Parts Washers Help Your Bottom Line

Let’s face it – you don’t want your expensive, skilled technicians wasting their time (or your money) washing tiny little parts or components by hand. This is not the best use of their time – they could be working on other projects and bringing in more money for the business. And, the reality is that no human can clean as well as an automatic Hotsy parts washer can!

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It’s a simple process:  A technician loads dirty tools, parts, etc. into the Cuda Parts Washer, then turns it on and goes back to work. Our machines will handle the rest – no more time-consuming hand washing, liability risk from hazardous solvents, or paying out a high-priced technician to perform the mundane and menial task of cleaning parts. Our cleaning system takes care of it all.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at some real numbers and work out just how quickly you’ll pay off this investment:

Estimating conservatively, the average time for washing parts is 30 minutes per day per technician. Most repair shops pay anywhere from $65 to $150 per hour for a technician’s services. So, that half-hour of cleaning parts costs a business from $30 to $75 per day—or $7,800 to $19,500 per year — per technician!

That is paid time that’s not being applied to their primary job.  (Note: Annual estimate based on 260 workdays per year or 2,080 hours). Given the skilled labor time savings, it’s easy to see how a business can quickly recoup the total cost of an automatic parts washer and begin generating more income than before.

The Different Automatic Parts Washers Styles We Offer

We currently offer two different styles of these automatic part washing machines – either a top load or a front load. While both are great, they work best in different situations.

For example – the top-loading washers are far more compact, which is great for businesses who are tight on space. If space isn’t an issue, though, the front load washers may be more suitable for larger batches of cleaning.

Whichever style you ultimately decide to go with, you’ll have no shortage of electrical configurations, varying turntable diameters, and heights to choose from!

We Have All Your Other Industrial Cleaning Needs Covered, Too!

While you may have come here for our parts washers, that’s not the only type of equipment you’ll find here! Hotsy is a complete cleaning supply and pressure washer store – so you’ll find a full list of equipment for sale to round out your arsenal.

We can even help you with a pressure washer rental, pressure washer service and repair, and much, much more – so don’t be shy. Reach out today or stop by!

Top Load Parts Washers

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Top Load Parts Washer Catalog

Front Load Parts Washers

Cuda Front Load Sashers

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Find Automatic Parts Washers At A Hotsy Dealer Near You!

If you’re ready to optimize your parts cleaning process and start saving time and money, then reach out to our sales team or visit a Hotsy dealer near you! We serve all of South Texas, with facilities set up in the following cities:

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