Cuda Automatic Parts Washers

Do you need to clean parts or components in your business? Then an automatic parts washer is an ideal cleaning solution. We are an authorized dealer for Cuda automatic parts washers serving South Texas.

Great for auto or truck repair shops, airline maintenance, hydraulics and manufacturing because of the time savings they offer. Parts washers are aqueous based, industrial-sized cabinet washers using powerful spray jets of pressurized hot water and biodegradable detergents to clean parts automatically.
Easy to use, these cabinet washers take up little room on the shop floor.

There are two different styles – front loading or the more compact top loading parts washers. Both are available with varying turntable diameters and working heights. Our automatic parts washers are available in multiple electrical configurations and are ETL certified to UL-73 standards for safety. Cuda parts washers use no chemical solvents, so employers do not have to worry about health hazards and the long-term effects on their staff.

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Automatic Parts Washers at Cuda
Cuda Automatic Parts Washers
Cuda Parts Washers
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Cut Your Cleaning Costs

Do you really want your skilled technicians doing low cost manual labor tasks – washing parts by hand? An automatic parts washer will clean more thoroughly and efficiently while freeing your staff to focus on their jobs.

It’s a simple process:  A technician loads dirty tools, parts, etc. into the Cuda Parts Washer, turns it on, and goes back to work.  No more time-consuming hand washing. No liability risk from hazardous solvents. No need to pay a high-priced technician to perform the mundane and menial task of cleaning parts. Our cleaning system takes care of it all.

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Save Money / An Investment that Quickly Pays for Itself

Estimating conservatively, the average time for washing parts is one-half hour per day per technician.  Most repair shops pay anywhere from $65 to $150 per hour for a technician’s services, so a half hour of cleaning parts costs a business from $30 to $75 per day—or $7,800 to $19,500 per year — per technician!  That is paid time that’s not being applied to their primary job.  (Note: Annual estimate based on 260 work days per year or 2,080 hours).

Given the skilled labor time savings, it’s easy to see how a business can quickly recoup the total cost of an automatic parts washer and begin generating more income than before.

Top Load Parts Washers

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Top Load Parts Washer Catalog

Front Load Parts Washers

Cuda Front Load Sashers

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Locations served

  • San Antonio
  • New Braunfels
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  • Rio Grande Valley
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