If you’re looking for commercial pressure washer rental in San Antonio and all of south Texas – look no further than Hotsy Equipment Rental. With over four decades in this industry, we are here to make your life easier with equipment that works hard, so you don’t have to.

We’re your one-stop shop for all things industrial cleaning – from these pressure washers to the detergents needed for tough jobs, and even pressure washer trailers.

Pressure Washer Rental

Our modern, well-kept rental fleet can stand up to any test you have – trust us when we say our equipment has seen it all.

Plus, our large rental fleet means your service work doesn’t necessarily need to be performed on location.

We’re a rental company you can feel safe working with. If anything were ever to go wrong with your rental, we’d be there to swap out the units quickly, so you don’t have to deal with any downtime.

The Commercial Pressure Washer Rentals We Offer At Hotsy

We’re your one-stop shop for all things industrial cleaning. With a complete range of commercial pressure washing rentals available, you’ll find exactly what you need to get the job done right. We’re going to break down the differences between some of the different types of pressure washers you can rent through us.

pressure washer rental

Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer

Our HWE (hot water electric) pressure washer can be placed on location for extended periods to provide on-demand hot, high-pressure water.

You can use one wand to clean the rig floor and the other to clean areas. Once you’ve plugged the unit in, it’s ready at a trigger pull with high-pressure hot water. With an auto start/stop feature, you’ll be able to work worry-free with peace of mind the unit will shut itself off without assistance.

pressure washer rental

1745 Electric Powered Pressure Washer

Our 1745 Electric Powered Pressure Washer is used to clean and lubricate the shaker deck with diesel as the fuel source. It’s a small package that won’t take up much space while offering power and low maintenance. This is a must-have for the oilfield industry!

Explosion Proof MX-3015 Diesel Shaker

For a bit of added safety and peace of mind, you can rely on our Explosion Proof MX-3015 Diesel Shaker. It can be used with water or diesel as the supply.

This piece of equipment is used to clean and lubricate the shaker deck with diesel, and it’s also great for small spaces.

Air Powered Shaker Unit (Explosion Proof)

The final piece pressure washer available for rental is our Air Powered Shaker Unit (Explosion Proof). Because all moving parts are air-driven, it’s as safe as you’ll find. This is another pressure washer that can be used to clean and lubricate the shaker deck.

Hot Water Pressure Washers vs Cold Water Pressure Washers

When it comes to cleaning heavy equipment, a hot water pressure washer is the go-to choice. They do the best job at removing grease or oil from whatever surface you’re cleaning – and fast!

You don’t want to waste time when it comes to cleaning up at the end of the day – efficiency is the name of the game, and these hot water pressure washers are the solution.

With over 80 different pressure washers available, you can choose between portable or stationary, electric or gas.

If you don’t have grease or oil to worry about, then a hot water pressure washer may not be necessary – you’ll be just fine using a cold water pressure.

The ones you’ll find here at Hotsy are commercial grade and built to withstand the rigors of whatever conditions you put them through. They’re incredibly reliable and user-friendly.

Why Rent Commercial Pressure Washers Through Hotsy?

If you’re in San Antonio or south texas looking to rent commercial pressure washers, there’s no doubt you’ve got plenty of options.

And yet, when you ask around – you’ll hear the same recommendation over and over – Hotsy Equipment Company.

That’s because we are the industry leader in terms of performance, durability, and engineering. You get the most bang for your buck when you rent our equipment.

With over 40 years of experience in this industry, we are well equipped with the knowledge you need to get the job done right the first time.

Over this span, we’ve come to be known as the #1 commercial pressure washer rental service in the South Texas area – come in today and see why for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

Features You’ll Find On Our Commercial Pressure Washers

Our pressure washers aren’t just efficient and durable – they’re effective and user-friendly. We wanted to highlight some of the noteworthy features you’ll enjoy when renting through us:

  • Simple, easy-to-use control panel to adjust the temperature
  • Adjustable spray angle-nozzle with 0 degree to 80 degree spray patterns
  • 37’ power cords so you don’t have to stress over the closest outlet
  • 50’ high-pressure hose so you can remain mobile while you clean large areas, complemented by large, flat tires
  • Built-in wand holder for easy storage during downtime
  • A pressure relief valve protects you and the machine from thermal expansion
  • Adjustable upstream detergent injection ensures high-pressure sudsing, enhancing the cleaning process.
  • Automatic start & stop for safety purposes, which also allows peace of mind knowing the unit will turn off on its own when you’re done spraying

Where Can I Rent Hotsy Commercial Pressure Washing Systems?

If you’re in South Texas, you can find us in a city near you – reach out today, and let’s get you set upright:

  • San Antonio
  • New Braunfels
  • Laredo
  • Rio Grande Valley
  • Eagle Ford Shale