Looking for replacement pressure washer parts & accessories? You’ve come to the right place. Hotsy Equipment Company of South Texas stocks thousands of parts and accessories for your power washer.

We carry the everyday parts plus those hard-to-find or “never knew they existed” parts. With a large selection of competitively priced products, you’ll find exactly what you need here and at prices that work for you.

And, we have the pressure washer accessories you need to boost efficiency and enhance the cleaning jobs you perform. You can shave hours off your work by investing in a few accessories to take your pressure washer to the next level – right here at Hotsy!

High Pressure Hoses

Quick Start Valves


Pressure Switches

Trigger Guns

Inline Strainers

Lances (Pressure Cleaning Wands)

Throttle Controllers

Pressure Regulators

Relief Valves

Piston Pumps

Plunger Pumps



Hotsy Parts & accessories

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Videos – Hotsy Accessories

We also offer a line of pressure washer accessories that will help you clean faster and more efficiently. Often these small investments produce huge time-savings results.  Here are some videos featuring our most popular accessories.

Pressure Washer Parts vs Pressure Washer Accessories

When shopping for parts or accessories, you may see these terms used interchangeably – but they are very different.

Pressure washer parts are essential to the operation of your pressure washer. If something goes wrong with your equipment, you need the replacement part quickly to prevent downtime and get back to cleaning.

Pressure washer accessories, on the other hand, are non-essential – at least, for the simple operation of these machines. With that said, these are one of the best investments you can make besides the Hotsy pressure washer itself!

These accessories do wonders to boost your cleaning efficiency, helping you get the job done quicker and more effectively. You’ll achieve cleaning perfection the first go around with the help of accessories like a turbo nozzle, an undercarriage cleaner, telescoping lances, etc.

A Breakdown Of The Different Hotsy Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories

We have every part and accessory you could imagine for your Hotsy pressure washer. Let’s quickly breakdown some of the most commonly requested parts and accessories:

Hotsy Pressure Washer Replacement Parts Available

  • Nozzles
  • Pressure Switches
  • Trigger Guns
  • Inline Strainers
  • Lances (Wands)
  • Throttle Controllers
  • Valves (Relief & Quick Start)
  • Pumps (Piston & Plunger)
  • Filters
  • Gauges
  • Hoses
  • And much, much more

Hotsy Pressure Washer Accessories Available

  • Flat surface cleaners – for cleaning driveways, parking garages, sidewalks, etc.
  • Turbo & long-range nozzles – removes tough build-up and grime better than standard nozzles. More intense, greater distance
  • Hose reel accessories – keeps your hose orderly and secure to prevent damage
  • Telescoping wands – clean two-story buildings with ease
  • Sludge sucker – quickly remove contents from containment pits and drains
  • Foam cannon – increases sudsing (for use with detergent) for advanced cleaning
  • Undercarriage cleaner – for efficient cleaning underneath vehicles, trailers, and equipment.

Not Seeing The Pressure Washer Parts Or Accessories You Need?

If we don’t have the part or accessory you need, our service team will order it in and have it shipped the same day.

We also have service trucks on the road that carry the most commonly needed pressure washer replacement parts, often performing on-site installations.

We have parts for both hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers alike – don’t hesitate to reach out by giving our service line a call at (210) 864-9809.

Where Can I Find Hotsy Pressure Washer Accessories & Spare Parts?

If you are ready to take your pressure washer to the next level with efficiency-boosting accessories, or you’re in desperate need of a replacement part – don’t delay! Visit one of our five south Texas locations today. If you’re in this region, chances are we’re closer to you than you may think! You can find us in the following cities:

  • San Antonio
  • New Braunfels
  • Laredo
  • Rio Grande Valley
  • Eagles Ford Shale
  • Brownsville
  • McAllen

We’re excited to help you get your work done more efficiently. Come in today or give us a call for a quote, whether you’re looking for parts/accessories, Hotsy detergents, or you’re looking to buy or rent a pressure washer – we’re here to help!