Convenient Commercial Pressure Washer Rental in San Antonio TX

Owning a pressure washer may not be cost-effective for businesses with occasional deep-cleaning needs. Renting a commercial pressure washer in San Antonio, TX provides the solution for infrequent yet essential cleaning tasks without the commitment of purchase.

From blasting away grime on industrial equipment to refreshing your storefront, keeping your farm clean, and more – a rental pressure washer is a versatile tool that can handle a variety of cleaning jobs.

As the #1 choice for commercial pressure washer rental in San Antonio, Hotsy Equipment Company offers a fleet of modern, well-maintained machines ready to tackle any challenge.

Our commitment to reliability and customer service means you get high-performance equipment with zero downtime, backed by our rapid response support.

Pressure Washer Rental

What Kind of Pressure Washer Should I Rent?

It’s important to choose the right type of commercial pressure washer in San Antonio for your company’s needs:

  • Hot vs Cold: An industrial hot water pressure washer in San Antonio is excellent for cutting through grease and oil, making this style ideal for heavy equipment cleaning. An industrial cold water pressure washer in San Antonio is suitable for general cleaning tasks where such tough grime isn’t a factor.
  • Electric vs Gas: Electric pressure washers are quieter and may be necessary for indoor use or environments where emissions are a concern. Gas pressure washers offer portability and higher power, suitable for outdoor or well-ventilated areas.
  • PSI/GPM: High PSI units are great for stubborn dirt, while higher GPM models rinse away debris quickly. But more isn’t always better, consider your specific needs.

You can also consider specific features that matter to you – like long power cords, adjustable detergent tanks, automatic start & stop, user-friendly control panels, and more. If your cleaning needs take you on the go, you’ll want an industrial pressure washer trailer in San Antonio

Be sure to pick up detergent and any pressure washer parts you may need while you’re here. After all, Hotsy isn’t just your trusted source for industrial pressure washer rental in San Antonio TX. We also offer other tools for success along with pressure washer repair in San Antonio

pressure washer rental

Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer

Our HWE (hot water electric) pressure washer can be placed on location for extended periods to provide on-demand hot, high-pressure water.

You can use one wand to clean the rig floor and the other to clean areas. Once you’ve plugged the unit in, it’s ready at a trigger pull with high-pressure hot water. With an auto start/stop feature, you’ll be able to work worry-free with peace of mind the unit will shut itself off without assistance.

pressure washer rental

1745 Electric Powered Pressure Washer

Our 1745 Electric Powered Pressure Washer is used to clean and lubricate the shaker deck with diesel as the fuel source. It’s a small package that won’t take up much space while offering power and low maintenance. This is a must-have for the oilfield industry!

Explosion Proof MX-3015 Diesel Shaker

For a bit of added safety and peace of mind, you can rely on our Explosion Proof MX-3015 Diesel Shaker. It can be used with water or diesel as the supply.

This piece of equipment is used to clean and lubricate the shaker deck with diesel, and it’s also great for small spaces.

Air Powered Shaker Unit (Explosion Proof)

The final piece pressure washer available for rental is our Air Powered Shaker Unit (Explosion Proof). Because all moving parts are air-driven, it’s as safe as you’ll find. This is another pressure washer that can be used to clean and lubricate the shaker deck.