Optima & Contigo Steamers™

We partner with Steamericas to offer their Optima & Contigo Steamers™ at all available Hotsy locations. Available in both diesel and electric, this washers offer a deeper and further clean than many power washers on the market. This is the best, and we want to bring it to you.

The Complete Lineup Of Optima & Contigo Steamers™

You’ll find the perfect model for you and your needs here at Hotsy. Here’s a look at the different series we offer:

Diesel Optima Steamers™

Optima XD – The latest and greatest Optima Steamer™, redesigned with next generation features including:

  • LCD display for easier operation
  • Larger water and fuel tanks with visible gauges
  • Easy access chassis making maintenance and repair a breeze
  • Additional safety features

Ideal for mobile cleaning and sanitizing applications such as:

  • Exterior wash and interior detailing for cars, trucks & other vehicles
  • Removal of wraps, decals and film
  • Cleaning of farming and recreational equipment
  • Sculpture cleaning, disaster recovery and other municipal cleaning

Optima CMF – The Optima Steamer’s take on wet steam using a stainless steel double-coil rather than a boiler. This robust diesel powered wet steamer

  • Produces continuous wet steam that travels further and hotter for jobs requiring deeper penetration
  • The only wet steamer that can withstand up to 100’ of hose length without compromising its steam power

Paired with the right accessory, the CMF is ideal for mobile cleaning and sanitizing applications such as:

  • HVAC
  • Chemical-free weed removal
  • Mobile fleet washing
  • Wine barrel cleaning and sanitation exempt from ASME code

Electric Optima & Contigo Steamers™

Optima SE-II – Designed for industrial food safety, the SE-II quickly and effectively removes cleans and eliminates harmful pathogens from a variety of surfaces without generating waste water runoff.

Available in three models: 18K, 27K and 42K. ASME compliant configurations are also available.

The SE-II is designed for indoor industrial use and is ideal for:

  • Food and beverage equipment and production line sanitization
  • Manufacturing/CNC and HVAC cleaning
  • Bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi elimination
  • Winery and brewery equipment cleaning and sanitization
  • Pharmaceutical and manufacturing cleaning and sanitization

Optima XE – The XE all-electric industrial steamer offers zero-emission dry steam cleaning with simplified operation and maintenance. The XE combines the world-famous power of Optima all-electric steamer with new features such as:

  • LCD display for easier operation
  • Larger water capacity with a visible level gauge
  • Additional safety features
  • Easy access chassis for easier maintenance

And because the XE produces no exhaust and virtually zero waste water, it is the perfect solution for:

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Auto repair and body shops
  • Animal holding facility sanitation
  • Nursing home and daycare center sanitation
  • Cleanroom maintenance

Contigo PRO/PRO PLUS – The first cart-style steamer/extractor worthy of being a part of the Steamericas’ product line, the Contigo has a  continuous-filling, double-boiler system that delivers constant steam with no recharge down-time.

  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel body and boiler construction
  • LED digital readout for status, errors and user prompts
  • Large, on-board, 6 liter detergent tank
  • 16 liter water tank with direct-connect continuous water supply system
  • 6m hose + 10m power cord provides over 52 feet of range!

Steamerica Steamer™ Tools

Pneumatic Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool – Pneumatically driven by an air compressor*, this oscillating conveyor belt cleaning tool mounts on the belt to clean and sanitize in place. The moving steam head is fully adjustable to deliver the full power of the the steam jet to entire surface of the belt, maximizing the cleaning and sanitizing power for belts up to 1 meter (48in) wide.

Wine Barrel Steam Tool – Sanitizes wood barrels used for wine, beer and distilling with the dry steam of the Optima Steamer™. Mounts to standard Bordeaux barrels and includes a heavy-duty thermometer for precise sanitation monitoring. Equipped with a heavy base, silicone bung, and a steam valve for easy operation.

All Specialty Steam Tools – Specialty Tools designed for use with the Optima Steamer™ make steam do the hard work. Tools designed for industry-specific applications will make quick work of whatever obstacles you are facing. Call or email for pricing and availability.

Where Can I Find Optima & Contigo Steamers™  For Sale?

If you’re in the South Texas region, you’ll have no trouble finding a Hotsy location near you! Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, service equipment or just learn more about our catalog – find us in:

  • San Antonio
  • New Braunfels
  • Laredo
  • Rio Grande Valley
  • Eagle Ford Shale
  • Brownsville
  • McAllen

You can also reach us via phone at the Hotsy service number: (210) 864-9809. Give us a ring or stop by, we’re looking forward to chatting with you and getting you set up with the right equipment for the job!

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