Commercial Pressure Washer Trailers in San Antonio

Don’t have a water source in the area you need to clean? Our commercial pressure washer trailers in San Antonio feature onboard water tanks to make your life easier and help you get the work completed no matter where it is.

Whether you’re a mobile car wash operation, a construction company, or even a landscaper, these are a great investment in your business’s efficiency.

You can expect to get around 6-8 hours of use out of our trailers before needing to refuel, which means less downtime throughout the day. You can get the job done quicker and more effectively.

We serve all of South Texas – from San Antonio to Laredo, New Braunfels, Rio Grande Valley, and Eagle Ford Shale. Experience the Hotsy difference today!

Pressure Washer Rental

Types of Commercial Pressure Washer Trailers in San Antonio 

With over 40 years of experience, Hotsy is your trusted choice for cutting-edge commercial cleaning equipment. Plus, you can invest in a Hotsy trailer with peace of mind knowing it’s backed by our 7-year warranty

From commercial hot water pressure washers to commercial cold water pressure washers, we have all the different types of mobile pressure washing solutions you could need:

pressure washer trailer

1265SS Trailer Unit Pressure Washing System

This all-diesel pressure washer allows for mobile cleaning in any location with one fuel source running the unit and burner. It can be quickly repositioned to have available high-pressure hot water within a few short moments. The HCD trailer unit is completely self-contained, with water and fuel supply on the trailer.

1290SS Trailer Unit Pressure Washing System

The 1290SS Trailer Unit is fueled by an all-gas engine with a diesel-heated pressure washer. It can be quickly repositioned to have available high-pressure hot water within a few short moments. This single-axle solution is much smaller than the 1265SS, but still big on cleaning power!

Pressure Washer Rental

1265SSD Trailer Unit Pressure Washing System

Our 1265SSD Trailer Unit features dual wands that allow multiple workers to clean up to 200’ apart from each other.

It comes with dual 11-gallon Diesel tanks that provide 6-8 hours of run time for each unit. This allows for maximum efficiency within a self-contained trailer unit, coupled with a large water tank produces a long run time before resupply is needed.

Need Help Choosing the Right Trailer?

As your trusted source for commercial pressure washers in San Antonio, you can get in touch with Hotsy Equipment Company today for a personalized recommendation.

Hot pressure washers are best suited if you’re looking to clean up grease or oil messes, whereas cold washers will be just fine for less intensive jobs.

We offer trailers fueled by either diesel or gas, whichever is more convenient and cost-effective for you. Plus, you only need one fuel source for both the unit and burner – allowing for maximum efficiency.

You also get to pick whether you want a single wand or a dual wand pressure washer trailer. We have units featuring both, so you can have multiple operators working at once on more intensive cleaning jobs – with hoses reaching up to 200’ apart from one another. 

You can even outfit your trailer with other pressure washer parts and accessories we have at Hotsy. 

Pressure Washing Trailer FAQs

Are These Trailers Highway-Legal?

Yes, our industrial pressure washing trailers are highway-legal. They meet the local Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for safety, lighting, and weight requirements.

What are the Different Water Tank Sizes Available?

Our trailers come equipped with tanks as small as 200 gallons or as large as 1,000 gallons. This means you get extended use before having to worry about refilling the tank.

Can I Rent a Trailer?

Yes, we also offer industrial pressure washer rental in San Antonio if you aren’t sure investing in your own trailer makes sense. This is a convenient, cost-effective choice for infrequent use.