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Hotsy Detergents

When it comes to industrial cleaning, consider using Hotsy detergents – specially formulated to use with hot water pressure washers. Hotsy soap is industrial strength, biodegradable and is designed specifically for use with hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers.

You’ll find a suitable detergent for many specialized cleaning applications. In fact, there are over 40 different detergent varieties to speed your cleaning process, all safe for the environment.

Here are Some of the Top Hotsy Detergents:

a highly concentrated detergent that’s popular for tackling crude oil and caked-on build up of fifth wheel grease. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces.

Ripper I
a non-caustic detergent for heavy equipment and trucks. Particularly effective on off-road and grease-clogged equipment and hard-to-remove road film on tractor trailers.

Power Shine
a concentrated vehicle cleaner that produces rich suds to increase the dwell time of the cleaning agents. Safe for road film and oxidized paint.

perfect detergent for tackling engine degreasing, parts cleaning, hard-to-clean vehicles, road film plus food and grease build-up. Works well in hot or cold water.

cleans stainless steel, aluminum, glass and painted surfaces such as trucks, cars, buses, RV’s, tractors and more.

Hotsy Brown
a powerful degreaser that is caustic based for fast and thorough cleaning. Particularly effective on carbon based deposits such as road film and exhaust stains, as well as dirt and grease.

Hotsy Detergents Protection Equipment

Hotsy detergents are best in market, containing advanced-formula Hotsy Continuous Clean (HCC) additives which help protect your equipment. Using inferior “economy” detergents allows lime and scale build-up from hard water deposits to build up inside pipes and system components. Hotsy detergents contain corrosion inhibitors that help protect your equipment, as well as the metal surfaces of the equipment being cleaned.

Contact the team at Hotsy Equipment of South Texas and we’ll help select the best detergent product for what you’re cleaning. Hotsy detergents are available in 5 gallon, 55 gallon drums and large bulk size totes of 250+ gallons. We can set up a delivery program so you’ll never run out of pressure washer soap. Call today for pricing information or visit our showroom in San Antonio.