A Hotsy pressure washer is an incredibly effective, efficient cleaning tool on its own. With detergents, even better. But with the right accessories and attachments? It’s the most powerful cleaning solution a business can have!

That’s why today, we’ll help you take your cleaning process to the next level by unveiling the best pressure washer accessories and attachments we have to offer. These will supercharge your efficiency when cleaning and help you make fast work of tough messes. From specialty nozzles to surface cleaners, variable pressure wands, remote controls – and a whole lot more, we’ve got some incredible pieces of equipment in store for you today.

First – let’s talk about why getting the best pressure washer attachments is so important in the first place.

Why You Need the Best Pressure Washer Accessories

There’s no question that Hotsy offers the best commercial pressure washers. Whether you’re looking for an electric vs gas pressure washer or hot water vs cold water pressure washernothing cleans like a Hotsy. And, you likely already know the power of learning how to use detergent with a pressure washer.

Many jobs can be completed with just this powerful duo of pressure washer and detergent alone. But what about those jobs you come across where you can’t quite reach the surface that needs to be cleaned? Or, what about those time-consuming floor cleaning jobs – what if there was a way to optimize your pressure washer specifically for this use case?

The point is, there are ways to make your pressure washer work faster and more effectively – you just need to add the best pressure washer attachments to your arsenal. These accessories will accomplish a few things:

  1. Faster cleaning
  2. More effective cleaning
  3. Safer cleaning

And in the section below, we’re going to unveil the best pressure washer attachments we have in our pressure washer store.

What are the Best Pressure Washer Accessories?

It’s time to take your cleaning process to the next level with the best pressure washer accessories. Whether you’re a business owner who constantly needs to clean job sites or you’re the owner & operator of a pressure washer business, adding these to your repertoire will change the way you approach certain jobs, saving time while improving the clean.

Let’s start with the accessories everyone needs on hand: specialty nozzles.

Specialty Nozzles for Different Jobs

Have you ever wondered which soap nozzle for pressure washer to use? Or, if you need a different nozzle for using a pressure washing on a car vs pressure washing a commercial building exterior? The answer is yes – different jobs call for different nozzles.

Having a variety of nozzle attachments on hand allows you to remain versatile in how you clean – and what you’re capable of cleaning. Each type is designed for a specific job. For example, the 0-degree nozzle has the highest pressure per square inch – perfect for cutting through tough dirt or caked-on grime. With that said, it can be too abrasive on certain surfaces – like wood. The 25-degree nozzle will work best to clean large surfaces quickly without damaging them. And the 40-degree nozzle is best for gentle cleaning jobs that don’t need maximum power.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for variable pressure nozzles with adjustable settings that give you more control over the water output rate and can help reduce water waste during certain types of cleaning jobs. The point is, you need to stock up on all the different nozzles so you have the right tool for any job – no need to run out to the store and delay a job because you aren’t prepared!

Variable Pressure Wands

Just as you need different nozzles for different jobs, having variable pressure wands can help you optimize your pressure based on the specific job. These are some of the best pressure washer attachments to have on hand. You simply twist the handle to adjust the spray pressure – it’s that easy. No need to swap out wands or nozzles on the fly!

Better yet, you can optimize the manner in which you pressure wash with detergent. You can twist the nozzle to alter between detergent and water – allowing a surface to suds up before rinsing it down. This type of nozzle also helps protect your equipment from the dangers of chemicals working through the high-pressure pump.

Beyond just allowing to adjust pressure, there are specially designed wands for reaching tough, hard-to-get areas – like the fiberglass telescoping wand we offer. There are also “push and pull” wands that are perfect for gutters, fenders, trucks, and other heavy equipment.

All of this is to say that if you’re using the standard straight-through wand, you’re working harder than you need to. Speaking of which, allow us to introduce the best pressure washer accessory for those who clean flat surfaces…

Flat Surface Cleaner

Cleaning huge commercial warehouse floors is time-consuming and inefficient. So too is pressure washing asphalt or pressure washing parking lots. Walking in a straight line up and down the rows to clean the floor is also very tiring. What if you could make this type of job easier? That’s what the flat surface cleaner attachment does.

This accessory has a built-in spinning bar that helps you clean large flat surfaces quickly, evenly, and more efficiently. The powerful jet of water cleans the surface while the spinning nozzle spreads the pressure out evenly. And because it’s spinning, it can cover far more surface area than your standard straight-through wand.

Using one of these instead of a typical pressure washer wand would be similar to using a commercial lawn mower rather than an edge to trim your lawn. It just makes more sense! And, the operator will love how much it eliminates fatigue. It can be used on not just the surfaces we mentioned above, but tennis courts, garage floors, decks – you name it.

Foam Cannon

Many pressure washers have a detergent tank built in. But, the Hotsy Foam Cannon takes your cleaning process to the next level, particularly for vehicle cleaning. However, trucking fleets or car detailing services aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from it.

The rich lather it creates helps the pressure washer degreaser stick to surfaces longer, so the pressure washing soap ingredients have an opportunity to really work their magic.

It also allows you to be more efficient with how much detergent you use, getting more bang for your buck. The best pressure washer soap isn’t cheap – so you want to get your money’s worth. The Foam Cannon helps you do just that.

Remote Controls

This particular attachment is a huge relief for those who want their pressure washer located in a separate area from what’s being cleaned – such as wash bays. You can start up and shut down the unit at the press of a button without having to touch the pressure washer itself. You can get really crazy here by adding a soap injector remote control kit.

The beauty in this attachment is how it prevents walking back and forth to manually adjust the unit. It also protects your investment by keeping the unit away from corrosive chemicals or the harsh dust/debris you’re cleaning. 

Hose Reels

There’s nothing worse than finishing a long, hard day of cleaning – only to remember you’re not quite done. You still have to wind up all your hose! But with a hose reel mounted on the wall, you can easily & quickly get the hose wound back up. There are fixed hose reels and 360-degree pivot reels, which allow more freedom in how you move around with your hose.

This doesn’t just make your life easier. It also protects the hose itself by keeping it off the ground and away from the mess you’re cleaning. You also don’t have to stress about the hose being stepped on or run over by vehicles/equipment.

Additional Hoses

We’ve talked about different nozzles and different wands – but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the value of having various hoses on hand. There are standard hoses, which work great for most people. However, for higher pressure, you want a stronger hose.

We offer hoses that go as high as 6,000 PSI – so if your pressure washer PSI exceeds this, a different hose is a must. There are also hoses rated at 3,000 PSI, 4,000 PSI, and 4,500 PSI.


Oftentimes, your pressure washer will blast away any mess – leaving a like-new surface behind. However, you may need to provide additional agitation to extra-tough messes with caked-on mud and grime. That’s where our brush attachments come in.

These are ideal for high-up, hard-to-reach places so you don’t have to over-extend yourself. Just add one of these to the telescoping wand! They can help you scrub the top of trailers, lifted trucks, tall equipment, you name it.

And, they’re specially designed to eliminate the risk of scratching the surface being washed. And because the brushes don’t “matt-down” (go flat), you can get a really effective scrub.

Pump Oil

In our complete guide on how to service pressure washers, we talked a lot about the importance of having the right pressure washer oil on hand. This will allow you to prevent downtime as your oil reserves start to drop – just top off the levels and get back to work! No need to risk blowing up your engine.

If you let us handle your pressure washer repair or service, this isn’t something you need to worry about as much – but it’s still good to have on hand for peace of mind.

Honorable Mentions

We could go on and on about all the best pressure washer attachments at Hotsy – we have so many different ways to optimize your cleaning process! Here are a few honorable mentions:

  • Chemical resistant sprayers
  • Undercarriage cleaners
  • Squeegee blades
  • Sandblasting kits
  • Gunjets & triggers
  • Drum pumps
  • Floor clamps
  • And more!

Get the Best Pressure Washer Attachments at Hotsy Today!

These are just some of the best commercial pressure washer attachments in San Antonio. Whether you need nozzles, wands or cleaners – we have what you’re looking for in stock and ready to ship today! Shop our selection today to find out why businesses across America trust Hotsy for all their pressure washer needs.

Remember, the best pressure washer attachments can make a big difference in how effective your cleaning process is – so don’t skimp on quality! So what are you waiting for? Take your cleaning process to the next level.