will pressure washer remove oil from asphalt

Asphalt is considered one of the best paving options in the world for good reason – an asphalt driveway is affordable, strong, and when regularly maintained, looks much better to potential clients.

However, asphalt also stains from time to time. The type of stain that is mostly associated with this paving option is grease and oil stains from vehicles. You may also deal with other types of stains depending on where your asphalt is – from roadkill to food spills. Whatever the case, these stains can ruin the appearance of your business or property.

Fortunately, there are several options that a business can employ to remove oil from asphalt and make their properties look great again. A great option is cleaning oil off the asphalt with a pressure washer in San Antonio.

Wait – will a pressure washer remove oil from asphalt? The answer may surprise you…we’ll take an in-depth look at cleaning oil off asphalt with a pressure washer in this article. By the end of this discussion, you’ll know how to get oil off asphalt with a pressure washer. First things first – why is this so important?

Why Removing Oil Stains From Asphalt at Your Property is so Important

A clean driveway says a lot about your business. It sells the idea that you are considerate of even the little things about your business. It gives customers that extra sense that your business will serve them in the same way you take care of your driveways and parking lots. This might seem a bit farfetched, doesn’t it? Well, it is not far from reality. Like the front and back covers of a book, the exterior compound of your business needs to evoke a good impression on which clients will base their first opinion about the business.

How to get oil off asphalt with a pressure washer from your property is more than just cosmetic repair. From a business perspective, removing oil stains from asphalt not only appeals to clients and persons who visit your premises. It also prevents asphalt damage thus prolonging the lifespan of your property.

There are a few ways to remove asphalt from your property but is pressure washing oil from asphalt the best method? Will a pressure washer remove oil from asphalt? For those who already have a power washer, their bugging question is probably, how to get oil off asphalt with a pressure washer? Read on to learn more and find answers to these questions.

Will a Pressure Washer Remove Oil from Asphalt?

Pressure washing is a powerful force that can break up and wash away oil stains in your asphalt. However, there is a caveat – you need to use the best commercial grade pressure washer to get the results you’re after in an efficient manner. If you are using a weak pressure washer, it might not have enough force to completely remove the oil stains.

Moreover, a pressure washer alone does not get the job done. You will need to pair it with a quality detergent, advanced pressure washing techniques, and sometimes, manual brushes for the best results.

However – the answer is yes, a pressure washer will remove oil from asphalt when used correctly. In fact, this is the best way to tackle crude oil and grease stains on any surface, really! You just need to know how to get oil off asphalt with a pressure washer – which we’ll teach you below. Keep reading to learn the best way to pressure wash oil stains from asphalt!

How to Get Oil Off Asphalt With a Pressure Washer: The Best Way to Remove Stains

Ready to learn the best way to pressure wash oil stains from asphalt?

Spilled oil can leave nasty stains on your asphalt driveways and parking lots. These stains are not only an eyesore but also a slipping hazard. A business should take care of these stains right away before they become liabilities. With the right materials, there are a few options available to help clean driveway asphalt in no time.

Before beginning the process, make sure you have all equipment ready. You will need a suitable pressure washer, a quality detergent, and an asphalt brush to get started. It helps to dedicate a few hours to this task and also don’t forget to check the weather.

Prepare the Surrounding Area

Before you can successfully remove oil from asphalt, it is important to clear surfaces of any obstruction.

When working on a car parking lot, for example, you will need to move all the cars to another place. Make sure the customers are aware of the ongoing repairs so that they can move their vehicles before you start the job.

Then use a large utility broom to sweep any debris such as dirt, twigs, shrubs, leaves, flowers, and small stones. We also recommend you read our article on pressure washer safety before starting a pressure washer.

Choose the Right Pressure Washer

Cleaning the exterior of your business can be a tedious task. Fortunately, using a pressure washer can help to powerfully deep-clean surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, garages, walls, or sides of buildings. With over 80 hot water and over 35 cold water pressure washers paired with the best pressure washing detergents in the industry, Hotsy offers the necessary equipment and the best ways to pressure wash oil stains from asphalt that will work perfectly for your business.

A pressure washer uses either hot or cold water to produce superior high-pressure levels that can break oil and other stubborn stains on your surfaces.  For example, commercial cold-water pressure washers rely on pressurized water produced by the motorized piston pumps within the machine whereas hot-water pressure washers derive much of their cleaning ability from hot water. Whether you are looking for a commercial cold water pressure washer or a commercial hot water pressure washer for sale, Hotsy’s wide range of commercial pressure washers and detergents is a great investment.

Pair it With a Quality Detergent

If cleaning oil off asphalt with a pressure washer is your preferred method, you will need a pressure washer soap to succeed. Hotsy’s detergent, soap, and degreasers are among the best the industry has to offer. But you may be wondering what kind of soap to use in power washer, exactly. Hotsy Brown is one of the most powerful pressure washer degreaser used to remove carbon-based deposits such as grease, oil, exhaust strains, road film, and dirt.

Keep in mind that not all soaps and detergents can be used in a pressure washer to clean asphalt. Some types can even clog your power washer’s nozzle. The last thing you would wish for is to incur additional costs on things you can avoid. And we should also mention that you should never use homemade pressure washer soap – it’s much more affordable and efficient to stick with quality, tried-and-true formations from the experts at Hotsy.

Dilute some detergent with water and put it in the pressure washer. Sprinkle the solution over the spills and let it soak for some minutes, before scrubbing and rinsing away.

Use the Right Pressure Washing Technique

The best way to pressure wash oil stains from asphalt is by first powering the power washer to bleed the hose of any compressed air. You can do this by holding down the trigger to allow any water out. This process takes no more than a minute.

For the best cleaning results, first, use the pressure washer with plain water to remove dirt. Next, use the wide nozzle setting to apply the best pressure washer soap. Let it sit for some minutes so that it can penetrate the dirt before you start scrubbing.

Finally, find a balance between a wide nozzle and a tight nozzle, but not a setting that is too aggressive, to rinse the asphalt surface with plain water. Remember, a 0-degree nozzle setting could easily damage the asphalt.

Scrub if Necessary

Scrubbing is perhaps the most important stage in the entire cleaning process. Scrubbing enables a degreaser to agitate oil stains that have been sitting on the asphalt for a long time.

When oil stains on asphalt driveways wait a long time to be removed, they become harder to get out. This means that apart from a reliable pressure washer and detergent, you will also need a dedicated asphalt brush that has strong bristles and that can generate adequate power when used to scrub a surface.

Follow-up as Needed

To get the best appearance and most life for your asphalt driveways and surfaces, make sure that you conduct sealing and regular maintenance every 3-5 years. Pressure washing the driveway at least once or twice per year can get you more seasons out of your investments.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Oil Off Asphalt With a Pressure Washer

To answer the question, will a pressure washer remove oil from asphalt? The answer is yes. Using medium to heavy-duty commercial pressure washers can remove oil stains and dirt from your asphalt driveways and parking lots.

However, when cleaning oil off asphalt with a pressure washer, it is important to choose a suitable power washer and use the right pressure washer tip to avoid causing any damage to the asphalt. Although oil stains are hard to remove, Hotsy Pressure Washers guarantee the best cleaning job possible even for the toughest stains.

If your power washer needs maintenance, Hosty’s pressure washer repair and services may help but if you are looking to use a commercial power washer severally a year, our pressure washer rental San Antonio services may more sense from a business perspective. Call us or visit our stores in San Antonia today for the best pressure washing deals!