Which Pressure Washer Nozzle For Soap?

Are you wondering which pressure washer nozzle to use with soap? You’re in luck – today, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about pressure washing nozzles with soap.

But, we’ve got a few things to cover first to provide some context. Before we can talk about the best pressure washer nozzle for soap, you need to understand how all pressure washing nozzles work in general.

A power washer nozzle is just as important as the pressure washer itself. When choosing a power washer, we tend to focus more on the PSI ratings or the GPM. But did you know that the nozzle also plays a huge role in how strong the force of your power washer will be?

Most pressure washers come with their own set of nozzles. And if you’re new to pressure washing, your first instinct might be to grab any nozzle you see. That is one of the biggest mistakes a new pressure washer owner can make, though.

Choose the wrong nozzle, and you might just end up blasting a dent into your car, cracking a window, or stripping off paint. Or, you’ll end up wasting your time with an ineffective water stream. To avoid this from happening, and to clean surfaces effectively, you need to know the right pressure washer nozzle for the job—and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Why Is It Important To Know The Difference Between Pressure Washer Nozzles?

Before we move on to the different nozzles available, we’ll explain how pressure washer nozzles work and why it’s necessary to know the difference between each nozzle.

The purpose of a nozzle is to restrict the water flow coming out from the pressure washer. The more restricted the water flow is the higher the velocity, which results in more force or pressure coming out of the spray.

Each nozzle has its own purpose-built spray pattern. It isn’t just colored or shaped differently for style. A certain color or shape corresponds to a specific spray angle and intensity of the water flow. Knowing the difference between each type can save you from creating more issues than the ones you already have.

What Are The Different Pressure Washer Nozzles?

There are tons of pressure washer nozzles available on the market, including specialty nozzles used in specific locations such as sewers and ducts. When you buy a pressure washer, they often come with their own set of nozzles—these are known as the Q-style nozzle sets.

Q-style nozzle sets come in different colors: mainly red, yellow, green, white, and black. These are the nozzles we’ll talk about today. We’ll also touch on some other specialty nozzles that are also commonly used in pressure washing.


The red nozzle, or the 0-degree nozzle, creates the most forceful water stream. It shoots out a direct jet of water concentrated into a single point and can take out all kinds of gunk on concrete and hard metal surfaces. This nozzle is not recommended for use on wood, brick, fabric, weakened metal, or vinyl as it is capable of stripping paint and can even dent, puncture, or crack soft surfaces.


The yellow nozzle sprays water that fans out at a 15-degree angle. It is less intense than the red nozzle but is still strong enough to get rid of tough stains. This nozzle is commonly used to prep surfaces before painting, staining, or re-sealing. It can still strip paint off surfaces, especially if you stand too close to the cleaning surface, so make sure to stand a few feet away to avoid damaging your property.


The green nozzle creates a 25-degree angle fan spray that is safe to use on most surfaces. You can give your wood deck, patio furniture, and other soft surfaces a good clean with this nozzle without having to worry about damaging them. It’s mainly used for general cleaning and for getting rid of surface-level dirt. It might not be great for stains that are really embedded into the surface.


The white nozzle creates a wide 40-degree angle spray and is also known as the low-pressure nozzle. It is great for cleaning windows, blinds, flower pots, cars, and other delicate or fragile surfaces. They’re also used for rinsing off soaps and detergents.


The black nozzle has the widest angle spray at 65-degrees. It has a larger orifice and spray area, making it the weakest nozzle, and is commonly used for applying soaps and detergents onto different surfaces. That is also the reason why it is known as the black soap nozzle.


The turbo nozzle or rotating nozzle combines the pressure of a 0-degree nozzle but sprays at a 15-degree circular rotating pattern. Because it has a larger spray area than the red nozzle, it gets rid of tougher stains much faster. Use the turbo nozzle with caution as it can still damage softer materials.

So, Which Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Right For Soap?

Alright, now that you know all the different pressure washer nozzles, which of those is considered a soap nozzle?

Although you can technically use any power washer nozzle for soap, the black nozzle is the best and most commonly used. Because it has a larger orifice, it decreases the velocity of the water, increasing the pressure in the hose.

This makes it easier for the hose to pull in detergent from the tank. It also has a wider spray area, so you can get detergent onto surfaces much faster and easier as compared to the other nozzles. Get more tips and advice on how to use soap in a pressure washer in our complete guide.

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