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If you’re searching for the best soap for pressure washers, you’ve come to the right place!

At Hotsy, we’re experts in all things pressure washing, which is why we’re going to go above and beyond to answer your question, what is the best soap for pressure washers? And it’s good that you asked! Regular soap and cleaning products can damage your pressure washer and the surfaces you’re cleaning. And no one wants to damage what they’re trying to clean.

Throughout this informative article, we’ll pinpoint possible questions that may come forward while using a pressure washer soap. So not only will we provide the answer for the best detergent for pressure washers, but we’ll also go over how to use the soap with your pressure washer and the difference between the soaps.

No longer will you be endlessly scouring the internet for the best soap to use in pressure washers. First things first – does your business really need to use pressure washer detergent?

What is Pressure Washer Soap – and Does my Business Really Need it?

Pressure washer soap is highly recommended for your business if you desire optimal results and a more effective clean. However, not just any soap works for pressure washers. Using anything you can get your hands on – like dish soap or car washs soap – can end up damaging your pressure washer. Or, deliver a lackluster clean. That’s why investing in a quality, dependable pressure washer soap is so important.

With pressure washer soap, the product is specially designed to be used by pressure washers and for different usages, i.e., cars and patios. For example, an ultra-concentrated pressure washer soap will often be used to target stubborn oil or wheel grease. Or, you may find pressure washer soap customized for cleaning cars so as not to damage the paint or glossy surface. Learning which specific detergent to use for which specific cleaning job is part of what separates the best pressure washing businesses from the rest.

The Importance of Getting the Best Pressure Washer Soap

If you want your business to stand out, investing in only the best pressure washer soap will give you a significant advantage over other pressure washing businesses. Why? The best pressure washer soap is made using high-quality ingredients for a safer and more effective tool on the job. You’ll be able to clean better and quicker – a combination that will earn you more positive reviews, referrals, while also enjoying higher profit margins. All things considered, this is a no-brainer investment

What Makes the Best Pressure Washer Soap? Criteria to Look for

There are a few key factors to look out for when searching for the best soap to use in pressure washers. If you’re just buying your first pressure washer soap, this is an important section – as you’ll learn what you should base your shopping criteria on. From eco-friendliness to efficiency, continue reading to learn the most important factors affecting what makes the best soap for pressure washers.

Effective & Efficient

The efficacy and efficiency should be the primary factor to consider when looking for the best pressure washer soap. Results that look brand new will gain massive popularity with your clientele and word will spread rapidly that you are worth every penny. 

But maybe you’re not a pressure washer business – maybe you just need a means of cleaning your equipment or facility. Well, efficacy and efficiency should still be top of mind. If you can get through the cleaning tasks faster, you’ll enjoy higher profitability and productivity. Using a pressure washer soap will result in less time spent haggling tough stains or big build-ups of grime and oil. The removal process is altogether more efficient and more effective with the usage of a pressure washing soap than without. 

Safe for the Environment (and for People/Animals!)

Environmental friendliness is gradually growing in the consumer world—as it should! As humans that live in this world, we need to take better care of it. That’s why investing in environmentally-friendly products is one of the best investments you can make. 

Picking the best detergent for pressure washers that is also biodegradable and eco-friendly is recommended as they are safe for the environment. After usage, the product ends up in the grass, in the air, or entering the pipe system to drain out into the ocean. If a product contains toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or bleach, this can be incredibly harmful to the environment and the animals that live in it. 

In fact, fines can be charged for improper waste water discharge. This is another important reason to discharge into sanitary sewers to avoid harming the environment with harmful chemicals. But to avoid all of these threatening factors, we recommend investing in an eco-friendly pressure washer detergent! 

Offers a Specialized, Targeted Cleaning Solution

Compared to all-purpose soaps, specialized detergents will function more efficiently. Not all surfaces are the same so not all soaps should be the same!

A car’s surface is more prone to damage if a soap contains the wrong ingredients. For example, bleach is a popular soap ingredient that can damage the paint and trim on a car as bleach is a corrosive substance. Buying a pressure washing soap that is designed to be used for cleaning a car will promote results rather than damage. 

An ultra-concentrated pressure washer detergent will prove to be more effective for usage in breaking down crude oil or caked-on wheel grease. It can also restore oxidized paint surfaces. But it might not be the best for usage on cars as the high concentration can damage the paint. The point is, you should make sure that the soap you choose is targeted to your unique cleaning job.


You shouldn’t shop based on price alone (you get what you pay for) – but look for soaps that offer great value. Keeping track of expenses is essential for a successful business. Obviously you want to buy high-quality products, but it needs to make sense financially too. That’s why finding the best value-buy possible is so important for a product like pressure washing soap. 

How Is It Prepared

Not all pressure washer detergents are prepared for consumers to immediately add to their pressure washer, which can depend on the pressure washer as well.

Depending on the pressure washer, it may or may not have a built-in detergent tank. Most residential use pressure washers do, but if you find that your pressure washer doesn’t, you will have to mix the detergent concentrate and follow the instructions on the detergent by the manufacturer. Then, for the tankless pressure washer models, you will need to use a siphon hose to connect to the detergent to vacuum it to the washer. 

If your pressure washer has a detergent tank, all you need to do is pour the detergent mix into the tank and the pressure washer will do its job from there. That’s why we also recommend investing in the best pressure washer for you. In our post, we go over the best commercial washers to invest in for the best quality, price, and effectiveness. 

What is the Best Soap for Pressure Washers? Our Picks for 2022

Ready to discover what the best soap for pressure washers is? At Hotsy, we have the best pressure washer soaps in the industry – perfect for handling the toughest industrial cleaning jobs you can think of. Every single one of our soaps is biodegradable and eco-friendly to prevent harmful chemical waste to the environment. 

Designed with industrial strength and equipped for a variety of usages, we boast over 40 varieties of pressure washer cleaners. Each variety enhances quality and efficiency, resulting in only the best soap to use with pressure washers.

To learn more about the best detergent for pressure washers and what they’re customized for, keep reading! 

Breakthrough Detergent

Our Breakthrough Detergent is ultra-concentrated and can function as the best soap to use with a pressure washer for tough jobs. 

This pressure washer detergent is specifically designed to demolish caked-on wheel grease and eliminate oil build-up. For added benefit, Hotsy’s Breakthrough Detergent also aims to restore oxidized paint surfaces—of all kinds! 

Ripper I Detergent

Specially formulated to be used on heavy equipment, trucks, and other machinery, Ripper I is a non-caustic detergent. The materials that come into play during tough jobs can be almost impossible to remove once it latches on. With Ripper I, this detergent magically cleans off-road grease-clogged equipment with stunning ease. No more road film on your tractor trailers, not with Hotsy’s Ripper I, the best pressure washer detergent!

Power-Shine Cleaner

Made to be used as a vehicle cleaner, Hotsy’s Power-Shine procures rich suds during the cleaning process to improve cleaning efficiency caused by the dwell time of the cleaning agents. This cleaning product is safe for usage for road film and on oxidized paint and can be the best soap to use in pressure washer. 

Carbon-Ate Detergent

Perfect for tough-cleaning jobs, our Carbon-Ate Detergent is great for engine degreasing, road filk, parts cleaning, food, and grease build-up. You can even use it for hard-to-clean vehicles! And you don’t have to be picky about water temperatures as this powerful detergent functions well with hot or cold water. 


This cleaner functions for all types of surfaces and can serve to be an all-around cleaner for all types of jobs.

Transport can be used for cars, trucks, busses, RVs, trailers, tractors, and the list goes on! This cleaner restores aluminum, stainless steel, glass, and painted surfaces to brand-new conditions. Who wouldn’t want to have this product for jobs?!

Hotsy Brown Degreaser

Hotsy’s most powerful degreaser, the Hotsy Brown Degreaser, provides fast and effective cleaning of carbon-based deposits like a road film, dirt, grease, and exhaust stains. So if you’re searching for a product to do the tough jobs, our Hotsy Brown Degreaser is the one for you! 

How to Get the Most Out of the Best Soaps for Pressure Washers

To get the most out of the best soaps for pressure washers, follow these tips we’ve provided below! 

Tip #1- Use The Right Soap For The Job

Every cleaning job requires a pressure washer soap specially designed for the job. Using the wrong one can prevent success and promote probable damage incurred. To prevent that, we highly recommend investing in the right soap for the job.

For more information on how to figure out what kind of soap is best for your pressure washer, check out our post! 

Tip #2- Pick The Right Nozzle

This is super important! Picking the wrong nozzle can result in a cracked window, stripped-off paint, or a blasted dent in your car. There are nozzles, like the black nozzle, which is commonly used to apply soaps and detergents onto surfaces as it has the widest angle spray at 65 degrees. 

If you want to learn more about which pressure washer nozzle to use for soap, read our article for the best tips and information.

Tip #3- Let The Soap Sit For 10-15 Minutes

Once you’ve covered the surface you’re cleaning, allow the soap to sit for at least 10-15 minutes. Doing so allows the soap to break up the molecules, procuring an effective and easier cleaning job. 

For more information on how to use soap with a pressure washer, follow the link for more cleaning tips!

Tip #4- Use The Right Amount Of Soap

The amount of soap required changes depending on the cleaning job. For example, if you only need to remove light dirt and grime, only a few ounces of soap will be needed for optimal results. For tougher jobs, slowly increase soap to obtain the perfect ratio for your needs. 

Follow our guide for more details on how much soap to put in a pressure washer

Final Thoughts on the Best Pressure Washer Detergents of 2022

We’ve answered your question, “what is the best soap for a pressure washer?” by creating the best pressure washer detergents of 2022. Hotsy boasts high-quality, eco-friendly, biodegradable pressure washer soaps to improve effectiveness and efficiency on jobs for optimal results.

If you’re looking for premium pressure washers designed to get the job done, Hotsy is the place to find them. Our Hotsy Commercial Pressure Washers in San Antonio are the best in the industry. They are recognized for their exceptional quality, outstanding reliability, and advanced features to emerge as the #1 brand of hot water pressure washers. At Hotsy, we have both cold pressure washers and heated pressure washer for sale. Our commercial pressure washers are designed to stand up to rugged use by professionals who need reliable equipment and are available in over 35 different model varieties. 

If you want the job done right, stick with us. Nothing cleans like a Hotsy!