how to pressure wash without water source

Do you have an intense cleaning job coming up but don’t have a water source on site to hook up your pressure washer? Don’t stress. Today, we’re going to teach you how to pressure wash without water sources.

We know what you’re thinking…can you run a pressure washer without water? Nope. After all, it’s the powerful jet of water that makes pressure washing such an effective, efficient cleaning solution. So when you don’t have access to water at the site you are going to be cleaning, there’s only one solution: bring the water with you! 

Our pressure washing trailers for sale help you take your cleaning solution to the go with built-in water tanks, pressure washer systems, and more. Having one of these in your arsenal will unlock a whole new world of cleaning productivity and efficacy. Here’s why your business needs one for remote cleaning jobs…

How to Pressure Wash Without Water Source: Introducing the Pressure Washing Trailer

Maybe you are out at a remote job site with no access to running water. Or, maybe you just want to eliminate the stress that comes with constantly having to find a water source when you head out to job sites. Either way, there is an easy solution that will transform the way you pressure wash: pressure washer trailers.

These trailers are perfect for businesses that have frequent, robust cleaning needs away from their home base. These include construction companies, landscapers, mobile car wash companies, or even those just starting a pressure washer business. Here’s why you need one of these in your cleaning arsenal:

Never Stress About Your Water Source When Pressure Washing Again!

Picture this: you’ve just landed a huge cleaning job with a new client and it’s off-site. But after discovering there are no water hookups on site, you’re left scrambling trying to come up with a solution to save the job. 

Or maybe you’re a construction company that constantly has to rent water trucks to clean up your jobs after the fact. This is costing you a ton of money and cutting into your profits. Investing in your own pressure-washing trailer saves you money and eliminates a huge source of stress form your life.

As the name suggests, these are trailers you can pull with your truck right up to the job site. They have water tanks on board so you can fill up at home base (or on the way) and be prepared for any job you face. And, these trailers also house the pressure washers themselves – so you can consolidate all your equipment needs. Whether you need a hot water vs cold water pressure washer, you can configure your trailer accordingly. 

Solutions to Meet Your Needs – No Matter How Big or Small

No matter what type of pressure washer trailer setup you have in mind, Hotsy has you covered. In fact, we’ve come to be known as the premier choice for all things pressure washing. And, our trailers are no exception. 

We have water tanks as small as 200 gallons or as large as 1,000 gallons – with options in between, too. In general, you can get anywhere from 6-8 hours of use in each trailer. This helps you save time and unlock peak productivity in your cleaning regimen But, it’s not just your water needs our trailers can accommodate – we have you covered on the pressure washer machine side, too.

You can count on us for the best commercial pressure washer selection the industry has to offer. We have all the different types of pressure washers. In fact, we have over 80 different models of hot water pressure washers for saleyour ideal cleaning solution is in our catalog just waiting to be discovered! 

And if you aren’t sure what pressure washer PSI or pressure washer GPM you need, just ask – we’ll offer recommendations based on your unique cleaning needs. Choose from diesel or gas, single wand or dual wand – you name it, we’ve got it. 

And, you can even source the best soaps for pressure washing and best pressure washer accessories through us! But in terms of how to use a pressure washer trailer, what do you need to know?

How to Actually Use These Pressure Washer Trailers

You came here to learn how to pressure wash without water sources – and now, you know the solution is as simple as heading over to pressure washer San Antonio store and getting your trailer today. But – how do you actually use the trailer after getting it? 

The detailed instruction manual that comes with your trailer will arm you with all the information you need. For now, though, here’s a three-part guide no what you can expect. We’ll break this up into initial setup, using the trailer, and breaking it down at the end of the day:

Initial setup:

  • Position the trailer in a safe and level location near a water source. Connect the water supply hose from the trailer to the water source and fill your tank up. You can do this at your home base or at a location closer to the job site to save fuel during travel.
  • Once you’re at the job site, pull your trailer near the cleaning area and set up the actual pressure washer itself. This includes filling the fuel tank with gasoline, checking the pressure washer oil level, and adding soap to the pressure washer detergent tank. You’ll also want to use the right soap nozzle for pressure washer.
  • To prevent pressure washer injuries or accidents, make sure the area nearby is clear of other people, cover any glass windows you don’t want to spray, and check for any tripping hazards. 
  • Make sure you have all your pressure washing clothing and PPE on (eyewear, ear protection, non-slip footwear, and waterproof clothing that fully covers your body). Then, with the water tank supplying water to the system, start the pressure washer.

Using the pressure washer:

  • Depending on the trailer you go with, you can have two workers operating separate machines as far as 200’ from each other. This will really supercharge your workers’ cleaning efficiency. But, they still need to know the advanced pressure washer tips and tricks
  • Start by coating the surface to be cleaned in the proper detergent (if applicable) and letting the suds work their magic. After a good soak, rinse the soap down from top to bottom. Start at the highest point and work your way down, using long, even strokes.
  • Follow up with a thorough rinse using just water to remove any residual soap. When you use quality equipment from Hotsy, you should have a gorgeous, like-new surface after this. If not, you can continue performing spot cleanings on problem areas as needed. You may need to rely on manual agitation with a brush for certain caked-on messes.
  • Take breaks as needed to prevent overheating the pressure washer. Pressure washing is tough, backbreaking work – especially in the summer. 


  • Turn off the pressure washer and water supply. 
  • Disconnect the high-pressure hose and coil it up neatly.
  • Disconnect the water supply hose and store it.
  • Drain any remaining water from the pressure washer and hoses.
  • Turn off the fuel valve and allow the engine to run until it stalls.
  • Lock the trailer and secure all equipment for transport. Learn more in our article on how to store a pressure washer.

Final Thoughts on How to Pressure Wash Without Water Source

There you have it – how to pressure wash without water sources. With a Hotsy trailer, it’s simpler and more efficient than ever to tackle tough cleaning jobs at remote locations. Whether you’re pressure washing commercial buildings, pressure washing heavy equipment, pressure washing graffiti, or even using a pressure washer to clean cars – you can now tackle any remote task with confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our site and learn more about how our trailers and other cleaning solutions can help your business develop the most effective, efficient cleaning solution possible. If you aren’t sold on owning a pressure washer, you can consider our commercial pressure washer rental service too. 

Whatever you need, you can visit us at any of our South Texas locations – San Antonio, New Braunfels, Laredo, and a whole lot more. Nothing cleans like a Hotsy!