pressure washing graffiti

Let’s face it, graffiti is an amazing art. Unfortunately, from what we can see in today’s society, graffiti is more like a tool of protest and vandalism than it is a decorative tool. How would you feel to wake up one morning and find your property defaced with graffiti writings? Heartbreaking, right?

Sometimes, graffiti may cause damage to surfaces like stucco and brick, and that’s why it is important to remove them as early as possible.  Before you decide on the appropriate graffiti cleaning service, make sure you do a thorough check-up of the method you intend to use to avoid unnecessary costs.

Luckily, pressure washing graffiti can quickly restore the appearance of your vandalized walls and make them even more attractive.

Is Graffiti Removal Pressure Washing the Right Choice for Your Business?

A clean and well-maintained exterior is integral to the success of your business activities. Clean external walls attract customers as they are eye-appealing.

Moreover, clean walls increase the property value and portray a positive image to the buyers. The local government and the private sector have a significant role in ensuring that public and private businesses are clean and free of unwanted Graffiti.

As a result, graffiti removal pressure washing is considered the right choice for your business because it is easy and effective when professionally executed.

The Importance of Removing Graffiti from Your Building or Property Fast

As earlier stated, graffiti on a business property portrays a negative image of the organization. If the graffiti goes unanswered, the businesses may suffer losses associated with declining property value. When some clients see graffiti on your

properties, they tend to de-rank your services trusting that your services are not worthwhile. When graffiti is left in a building for an extended period, it may cause more damage to the building and is much more costly to remove.

Leverage the Help of Efficient, Highly-Effective Pressure Washers!

A high-end pressure washer is considered an essential resource in pressure washing commercial buildings. Cleaning methods differ for surfaces made of bricks, concrete, vinyl siding, metal, and asphalt. Using a power washer to clean these walls may appear to be tiresome and time-consuming, especially if you do not know how to choose the right power washer for the job.

There are various types of pressure washers, and while some can be used to pressure wash graffiti, there are several pressure washers to strip paint off walls. The pressure washing graffiti evaluation should also consider the type of wall to be cleaned as well as the working conditions: basically, any exhaust fumes from the machine should not create environmental problems.

What You Need for Pressure Washing Graffiti off Your Property

To remove most graffiti using a power washer, you will need the pressure washer itself, a quality detergent, and other accessories including PPE equipment.

The Pressure Washer Itself

To start the graffiti removal pressure washing process, you must first determine the type of surface you are dealing with. Why?

There are various types of pressure washers, and making the wrong choice may result in more harm than good. Businesses should be able to tell the difference between hot water vs cold water pressure washers and which works best for them.

The pressure washer should be comfortable and provide the user with a safe working environment. The machine, for example, should be portable and easily moved from one building to another. That being said, this step-by-step guide will show you how to choose a pressure washer for your walls.

To remove most graffiti from your property with a power washer, you must have a pressure washer capable of exerting a pressure of about 2000 PSI, particularly on concrete surfaces.

However, in cases involving delicate bricks or masonry, the pressure should be kept below 500 PSI to avoid surface destruction. The procedure is straightforward: simply point the jet’s pressure washer at the graffiti-covered surface.

The pressure from the jet, which flows at a rate of 4 GPM, does the majority of the work in removing the graffiti from the surface. Hotsy’s heated pressure washers for sale are ideal for providing efficient graffiti removal services for your business.

A Targeted, Quality Detergent

Graffiti removal has become much faster and easier thanks to high-quality detergents. Although homemade pressure washer detergent may be useful on some walls, they are not the best.

The best soaps for pressure washing graffiti should be environmentally friendly, that is, nontoxic and biodegradable. When cleaning concrete surfaces, it is critical to spray the walls with the recommended pressure washer degreaser, which aids in the removal of Graffiti more efficiently and in a shorter time frame.

Other Supplies/Equipment

Graffiti removal is a time-consuming process that may expose the cleaner to hazardous substances. To avoid health risks, the following PPE supplies and equipment are required. T

hey include, among other things, a face mask, thick gloves, a spray bottle, aerosol solvent, a pressure washer, safety glasses, a sturdy cloth, a sponge with a rough side, and a detergent cleaner. In addition, you will also need a water source. If you don’t have a reliable water source, then the Hotsy pressure washer trailer might come in handy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pressure Washing Graffiti

High-end and long-lasting power washers are needed to remove graffiti on walls because they increase cleaning efficacy and save money. Here is how you can use the machine to pressure wash graffiti.

Clear the Area & Prep the Surface

Before pressure washing a wall surface to remove graffiti, the cleaner must first assess the area to determine the type of surface being washed.

This step is critical because knowing the type of surface you’re working with helps you determine how much pressure to apply to avoid destroying the walls. Assessing the area will also assist the cleaner in determining the safety precautions to avoid injuring themselves or others around the work area.

Cover up any other surfaces, such as glass or any other surface that could be damaged by strong water. The final step in this stage is to apply the graffiti removal solvent to the surface and allow it to dissolve the graffiti. In some cases, some light scrubbing may be required depending on the condition.

Get in Your PPE & Start the Pressure Washer

Although pressure washer accidents are uncommon, it is critical to have the necessary PPE before performing graffiti removal pressure washing.

Then, get your pressure washer ready. You’re probably wondering how to start a pressure washer at this point. Those who are using a pressure washer for the first time should read the machine manual to learn about pressure washer safety. The user will also be able to understand how to clean graffiti from walls using detergents for effective and efficient results.

Fill the Detergent Tank & Choose the Right Tip

Many people are curious about how to use soap with a pressure washer. It is simple. The washer uses water to clean surfaces.

PSI is the measurement you want to look at when determining how much force you are using to clean the surfaces. GPM is another important metric that measures the amount of water flowing out. After assembling the pressure washer, it is recommended that you fill the detergent tank and select the appropriate tip.

To avoid damaging the surfaces you are cleaning, soap tip for pressure washer should be wide. Using the correct nozzle for each surface is critical for achieving the desired efficiency and effectiveness in your work. Here is what you need to know: first, a nozzle with a small opening focused spray at high velocity; second, a broad nozzle has a wide spray with low velocity.

Spray Top to Bottom in a Sweeping Motion

Efficient pressure washing techniques are required for the best graffiti removal pressure washing results. Place yourself approximately 2 feet away from the surface. Choose a small area to test the pressure washer.

Check to see if there is any damage after spraying. When the water blast is too powerful, masonry materials like brick and stone can chip or crack. You may proceed if everything is in order. Aim the wand at the graffiti and begin spraying, moving it back and forth in nice, even horizontal strokes.

Let the Suds Sit a While

it is necessary to let the suds sit for a while before rinsing. This also helps to completely loosen the graffiti before the final rinsing. Following this tip will make your work look adorable as operated by a pro.

Rinse the Surface to Reveal a Like-New Shine!

After pressure washing graffiti with a detergent solution, rinse away the grime. This is a simple step that involves running clean water through the pressure washer.

Rinsing should also be done in the same order as the cleaning, that is, top-down. Also, begin where the soap solution has been sitting the longest, to ensure that the soap does not stick to the surfaces and that all of the detergents have been removed.

Repeat if Necessary or Introduce Some Scrub Brushes

If you have completed all of the preceding steps but still see some graffiti on the wall, you can use a brush to scrub off the remaining pieces.

You will then rinse the surfaces once more to remove the unwanted graffiti and restore the appearance of your wall. Commercial pressure washing for graffiti removal is a significant investment, but only if done correctly.

Final Thoughts on Graffiti Removal with Pressure Washing Tactics

Graffiti on property or businesses leaves a negative impression, particularly on customers or clients interested in purchasing products from businesses. People may regard graffiti as art or decoration, but when used illegally, it creates a negative impression and degrades the business or property.

Fortunately, Hotsy offers the best commercial hot water pressure washers for removing graffiti from walls. If you only need graffiti power washers a few times a year, Hotsy also offers hot water pressure washer rental. Many businesses agree that cleaning graffiti with a pressure Washer in San Antonio is effective and time-saving because the spray washer requires little knowledge to operate.