what to wear when pressure washing

Our article on pressure washer safety touches on what to wear when pressure washing – but today, we’re going to provide a more detailed overview of the importance of the pressure washer clothing you wear.

As with most activities or jobs, the gear you wear makes all the difference in your comfort levels along with your safety. It can be the difference between a smooth, efficient cleaning process and wet misery – or worse, serious injury. This is the last thing your business needs – whether you’re the operator or you’ve got a worker putting their health on the line. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any of the risks that come with improper pressure washing clothes. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to start shopping for all your gear so you can enjoy peace of mind while pressure washing like the pros. 

First, let’s touch on the importance of proper pressure washing protective clothing – if it wasn’t already obvious!

The Importance of Proper Pressure Washer Clothing

If you’re new to the world of pressure washing, you may not realize just how powerful these cleaning machines can be. The way in which they blast away caked-on muck and grime is impressive. 

Whether you’re pressure washing graffiti, pressure washing buildings, pressure washing house siding, or even washing a car with a pressure washer – you’re about to experience the most efficient, effective cleaning solution available to business owners like yourself!

However, with such a powerful jet of water comes a few risks. If you’re not careful, you can potentially damage surfaces you’re cleaning – or worse, injure yourself or other people working nearby. This is why having proper pressure washer clothing is so important.

Regardless of the pressure washer PSI or pressure washer GPM you’re using, direct contact with the skin can contribute to irritation or full-blown abrasions. This is even more important when using a hot water commercial pressure washer – as you need to protect your skin from burns.

And, many cleaning processes involve using soap with a pressure washer. As you learned in our article on the best pressure washer soap, you probably don’t want these powerful chemicals getting on your skin, either.

Thus, having your skin fully covered is of the utmost importance. Moreover, you need to protect your eyes – as there are instances of people losing their vision permanently from getting hit in the eyes with a powerful jet of water.

But, not just any pressure washing clothes will do. They need to keep you comfortable, too – meaning they should be waterproof. There’s obviously a lot to juggle when considering what to wear when pressure washing – so let’s not waste any more time. Keep reading to learn what protective pressure-washing clothing you should invest in for your cleaning process.

What to Wear When Pressure Washing: Protective Clothing Recommendations

Below, we’ll explain what to wear when pressure washing – covering essential protective clothing and gear you need on hand. As we discussed in our article on the best pressure washer accessories, your clothing is not something you should skimp on – you get what you pay for! Let’s start with the most important piece of safety equipment: goggles.

Safety Goggles

First, it’s important to protect your eyes with safety goggles. The high-pressure water can cause debris to fly around, which can potentially damage your eyes. Safety goggles will also protect your eyes from any chemicals that may be in the cleaning solution. 

When looking for goggles ensure they fully cover your eyes on the sides as well. The key word here is goggles – not glasses. Most glasses still have openings that put your eyes at risk from the splashing back of chemicals or powerful jets.

Heavy-Duty Slip-Proof Boots (Ideally Waterproof)

Next, it’s important to protect your feet with heavy-duty boots. The high-pressure water can cause the ground to become slippery, and heavy-duty boots will provide better traction and protect your feet from any sharp objects that may be on the ground. 

Moreover, if you get boots that are waterproof, they’ll protect your feet from getting wet and uncomfortable – which can lead to painful blisters, athlete’s foot, or other conditions. 

Finally, make sure the boots have proper arch support. The right boots won’t just keep you safe – they’ll keep you comfortable despite being on your feet for long periods of time.

Waterproof Gloves

The next essential piece of pressure washer protective clothing you need is to protect your hands: gloves. The high-pressure water and chemicals can be harsh on your skin, and waterproof gloves will protect your hands from injury and also provide a better grip on the pressure washer wand. 

Again, just like boots the right gloves can protect you from these risks while also keeping you comfortable during long periods of intense cleaning. You won’t get blisters on your hands from using the intense wand all day long.

The Rest of Your Pressure Washer Clothing Explained

Now, it’s time to discuss the rest of your pressure washer clothing – your top and bottoms. It’s important to wear clothing that covers your entire body, including long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. The high-pressure water can cause serious injury to exposed skin, and wearing clothes that cover your entire body will protect you from injury.

It’s also a good idea to wear clothes that are made of breathable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking materials. Pressure washing can be physically demanding work and it’s important to stay comfortable while working. Wearing clothes that are breathable and quick-drying will help to keep you comfortable and dry during the job. 

It is also important to note that if you are using chemicals, you should ensure that the clothing you wear is chemical-resistant, as some chemicals may cause damage to the regular fabric.

Advice for Buying Your Pressure-Washing Clothes

When looking for pressure washing clothes, there are certain features that are important to consider in order to ensure that the clothing will provide the necessary protection and comfort while pressure washing.

  • Waterproof and chemical-resistant: Look for clothing that is made of waterproof and chemical-resistant material. This will protect you from the high-pressure water and any chemicals that may be used in the cleaning solution.
  • Durability: Pressure washing can be a demanding job, so it’s important to find clothing that is made of durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of the job. Look for reinforced seams and heavy-duty materials that will hold up to high-pressure water.
  • Breathability: Pressure washing can be physically demanding work and it’s important to stay comfortable while working. Look for clothing that is made of breathable materials that will wick away moisture and keep you dry.
  • Adjustability: Clothing that allows for adjustability, such as cuffs and waistbands that can be tightened or loosened, will provide a better fit and more comfort. This is especially important if you’re buying pressure washing clothes for your business and may have different people wearing the same gear from time to time.
  • Pockets: Pockets can be useful for storing tools and other essentials while pressure washing. This includes scrub brushes, additional nozzles for your pressure washer, etc.
  • Color/Reflective Tape: Bright colors are easier to spot in low light conditions, and can make you more visible when working in traffic areas. If the clothing is dark, make sure it at least has reflective tape to increase visibility and safety.
  • Certification: Look for clothes that meet industry standards for safety, such as ASTM, OSHA, and ANSI standards.

Final Thoughts on Protective Pressure Washer Clothing

With the right protective pressure washer clothing, you and your operators can enjoy peace of mind knowing everyone is safe. Whether you’re a business owner that has regular cleaning needs or you’re looking for information on how to start a pressure washing business – you should now feel confident in what to wear when pressure washing.

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