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Whether you’re looking to supercharge your company’s cleaning process or you’re on a mission to start your own pressure washing business, you’re probably curious about pressure washing essentials. What do you need to have on hand to develop an effective, efficient cleaning process?

We’re glad you asked! Today, we’re going to guide you through our pressure washing equipment list.

Obviously, you need the basics – like a pressure washer. That goes without saying.

But to reap the full benefits this powerful cleaning tactic has to offer, you also need a quality detergent and a suite of other supplies and accessories. By the end of our discussion, you’ll know exactly what you need to add to your shopping list. Better yet, you’ll know where to go for all your pressure washing needs.

Let’s not waste any more time – here is the list of necessary equipment for a pressure washing business or a company that is looking to bring the cleaning process in-house.

Pressure Washing Equipment List: The Essentials You Need to Supercharge Your Company’s Cleaning Process

Whether you’re looking to supercharge your company’s cleaning process or you want to learn how to start a pressure washing business, below you’ll find a list of essential equipment. We’ll start with the most important piece of equipment of all – the industrial pressure washer itself.

An Industrial Pressure Washer: The Beating Heart of Your Cleaning Process

It should go without saying that the first piece of pressure washing business equipment you need is the power washer itself!

A pressure washer is the beating heart of a powerful cleaning process. When you start shopping for this equipment, make sure to consider flow rate, power rating, and size. You’ll also want to think about other features like whether you need wheels or if a stationary machine makes more sense for your needs. Here is a quick buyer’s guide:

First, though, you should determine whether you want commercial hot water pressure washers or cold water pressure washers. Each has its own pros and cons, but the heated style offers a more powerful, versatile cleaning solution. As such, this is the type of pressure washer we recommend to you. It cuts through grease, grime, and muck like you wouldn’t believe! You can learn more in our article discussing hot water vs cold water pressure washers.

Another consideration is whether you should go with a gas vs electric pressure washer. Generally, gas machines offer more power, but electric pressure washers are quieter and cheaper to own. You should consider if you are going to be cleaning remote areas where an outlet may not be available. If so, gas is the move. If you only clean indoor facilities, electric power washers may make more sense.

Two of the most important considerations that influence your ideal pressure washer are the pressure washer PSI and the pressure washer GPM. The PSI is the amount of pressure the washer can produce and the GPM is the gallons per minute that pass through. The higher the numbers, the more powerful your cleaning will be.

And while you may assume that more is always better, that isn’t necessarily true – excess water flow can be wasteful, while excess PSI can be damaging to the surface being cleaned. So – carefully consider what your unique cleaning needs are and shop accordingly. Or, simply reach out to us – and we’ll recommend the best commercial pressure washer for your unique needs.

Pressure Washer Detergents: The Secret Sauce for Your Pressure Washer

You also need detergent specifically designed for a pressure washer. This is the secret sauce that will make it easier to break through grime and grease. Plus, it helps protect your equipment by softening the impact of pressure washing on surfaces.

Similar to the pressure washer itself, you’ll want to carefully consider the different degreasers for pressure washers. And no – we don’t recommend homemade pressure washer detergent. that’s because there are targeted solutions for different cleaning needs. For example, you can find all-purpose detergents for general cleaning jobs – or you can find specialized solutions for aluminum and stainless steel, food prep, oil & heavy equipment cleaning, vehicle washing, and more.

Whatever style you go with, just make sure you’re buying the best soaps for pressure washing – at Hotsy, of course. Our solutions are the most cost-effective because they’re so concentrated – less is more. Moreover, they’re environmentally friendly so you can rest assured you’re staying compliant and doing your part to preserve our planet. For more information on actually using detergent, read our guide on how to use soap with a pressure washer. For now, let’s move onto a few more key pieces of pressure washing business equipment.

Pressure Washer Nozzles & Hoses: Fine-Tune Your Cleaning for Different Jobs

To ensure your pressure washer is operating at its full potential, you’ll want to equip it with the right nozzles. This equipment fine-tunes the cleaning power of your pressure washer depending on the job at hand.

Think about it – different surfaces require a different strength and angle of pressure. For instance, you can’t use the same nozzle on a wooden deck as you would a sidewalk. That’s why pressure washer nozzles come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Similarly, there are specialized soap nozzles for pressure washer.

You’ll also want a power washer replacement hose or attachments for awkward jobs like cleaning second-story windows. This equipment ensures that your team can clean from any angle and with any surface.

At Hotsy, we stock a wide variety of hot water pressure washer parts for you and your business. You’ll gain access to the best selection of nozzles and accessories specifically designed for different pressure washing jobs. We even offer supplies like protective equipment and eye protection to keep your team safe while power washing. Don’t forget to check out our selection today!

A Reliable Water Source

Another pressure washing essential is water – something that seems obvious, but may not be as simple as you think. If you don’t have water where you’ll be cleaning (like remote job sites) you need a truck/trailer with a water tank on it – and Hotsy has those for you too.

You can explore our commercial pressure washer trailer for sale to learn if this is the right choice for you. It allows you to bring your cleaning process anywhere you need – particularly a great investment for those starting a pressure washing business. Or, learn how to make your own pressure washing trailer setup in our blog.

Other Accessories That Can Help With Cleaning Efficacy & Efficiency

The pressure washing essentials above may be all you need for your cleaning process. But no pressure washing equipment list is complete without these essentials!

  • Flat surface cleaners – These are a must-have for anyone who is focused on cleaning large flat surfaces – such as driveways, parking garages, sidewalks, etc.
  • Turbo & long-range nozzles – These will help you remove tough build-up and grime better than standard nozzles. They offer greater intensity and distance for those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Hose reel accessories – These keep your hose orderly and secure to prevent damage – no need to manually roll up a hose at the end of a day.
  • Telescoping wands – These allow you to clean two-story buildings with ease, or reach inside of a tractor-trailer easier.
  • Sludge sucker – This will quickly remove contents from containment pits and drains so you can clean them efficiently.
  • Foam cannon – This helps increase sudsing (for use with detergent) for advanced cleaning. The active ingredients are able to work their magic better.
  • Undercarriage cleaner – A must-have for efficient cleaning underneath vehicles, trailers, and equipment. Learn why in our article discussing how to pressure wash a car.

Now, let’s move to the final topic on our list of equipment for pressure washing business: maintenance supplies.

Supplies for Servicing Your Pressure Washer

One final topic on our pressure washing equipment list is the necessary supplies for pressure washer servicing. After all, your pressure washer is an expensive investment – you want to extend its life as long as possible and keep it working at its best.

As such, you must have the right pressure washer oil on hand, and you should keep a supply of filters as well. Learn more about pressure washer repair & maintenance at Hotsy – as keeping your equipment up and running is paramount to eliminating wasted downtime!

Before You Start Shopping, a Quick Word on Sourcing Your Power Washing Equipment 

That is all the pressure washing business equipment you need – and our pressure washing equipment list is now coming to a close. At this point, you’re ready to head out and start shopping for all the equipment for pressure washing business. Not so fast, though – we want to offer a brief word on the importance of sourcing.

When you start shopping for pressure washing equipment, it is important to consider where you are sourcing your equipment from. You want to make sure that the equipment you purchase is reliable and of good quality so that it can stand up to rigorous use. Your business is on the line – nothing but the best will suffice.

Look for a supplier with a good reputation who will provide high-grade equipment at competitive prices. Make sure to read reviews and do some research before committing to any one store or manufacturer. Additionally, be sure to check if there are any warranties available on the equipment so that you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

And if you’re looking for a recommendation on where to start searching for equipment for pressure washing business, you can look no further than Hotsy…

Take Your Pressure Washing Equipment List Straight to Hotsy for the Best of the Best!

At Hotsy, we have all the equipment for pressure washing business described above – and a whole lot more. Our pressure washing store is known as the #1 choice in South Texas. They say nothing cleans like a Hotsy – and once you experience our equipment in action, you’ll see why!

So – what are you waiting for? Start shopping for all the pressure washing business equipment you need today. Or, learn more about our commercial pressure washer rental service if you’re not sure investing in all your pressure washing essentials right off the bat is the best move.