hot water pressure washer

Cleaning seems simple, but when you’re dealing with industrial messes, it can get complex. You need to know what kind of equipment works best for any given situation, and you want to understand what pressure washer best fits your specific needs.

Before any purchase, it’s important to research your options, so you can justify the cost of a particular expense.

There are two main types of commercial pressure washers: hot water pressure washers, and cold water pressure washers.

You may think the difference between the two is as simple as cold water and hot water, but these machines differ greatly in their applications, cleaning power, and cost.

What is a cold water pressure washer, and what surfaces does it work best for?

When you think of a pressure washer, you are most likely picturing a cold water pressure washer. These are the pieces of equipment generally rented to homeowners for smaller jobs and can be found in most home improvement stores.

These machines work fine for cleaning the dirt and grime from sidewalks and fences and can be used to wash most surfaces found around your average home. Cold water pressure washers are also best for temperature-sensitive surfaces.

A temperature-sensitive surface is any material that can be affected by high temperatures. Two of the main varieties include any surface made of wood or plastic. For these types of materials, it is best to use cold pressure washers.

What is a hot water pressure washer, and what surfaces does it work best for?

Hot water pressure washers are a heavier-duty version of traditional cold water pressure washers. These industrial-strength cleaning machines are capable of dealing with any mess that cold water pressure washers can. But, they also have some advantages and scenarios they work in where cold water simply doesn’t cut it.

Hot pressure washers are the only way effective way to deal with oil and grease. When hot water and high pressure make contact with oil, they tear it apart at a molecular level. The heat quickly eradicates any spill, making cleaning quick and easy.

As long as a surface isn’t temperature sensitive, hot water pressure washers work incredibly well. From the metal comprising many vehicles and building materials to a hardened surface like concrete, a hot water pressure washer can clean many surfaces as well, if not better, than its cold-water counterpart.

What industries does a cold washer pressure washer work best in?

When it comes to pressure washers, cold water works best for smaller messes. If your business is housing-related, like a cleaning service, this would be the equipment you want. Unfortunately, if your washing requires more power, this may not be the machine for you.

Cold water pressure washers do not tend to work great for industrial work. In most industries where heavy machinery is operated, oil and grease are an ever-present issue. Cold water will not work on oil or grease, as high pressure isn’t enough to break down truly tough spills. In these cases, you really only have one choice when it comes to pressure washers.

What industries does a hot water pressure washer work best in?

Hot water pressure washers are specifically designed for industrial washing work. When you need to worry about the maintenance and cleanliness of heavy-duty machinery, cold water pressure washers will have a very little overall effect.

Several industries, in particular, could benefit from using hot water pressure washers. Hot water pressure washing is the most effective way to deal with the grease and oil that coat the surfaces of various important pieces of machinery. Let’s take a look at a few industries that commonly benefit from the purchase of a hot water pressure washer.

Food Service

When it comes to commercial foodservice, oil is an essential material for the preparation of a wide array of dishes. Whether it’s filling fryers or sizzling in pans, this oil can often get free from its intended container. Once on the floor, this creates an accident waiting to happen, as fast-moving cooks could slip and injure themselves.

Hot water pressure washers blast grease quickly from any kitchen surface, allowing workers to move with the speed necessary to continue feeding hungry customers. Not only that, but the high temperatures are great at destroying any bacteria that could potentially spoil your stored food products.


Properly lubricated machinery is the cornerstone to a well-run job site, and grease is a natural byproduct of efficient equipment maintenance. What you don’t want is excess oil or grease to slow down productivity by covering the surfaces that you need to stay clean.

The worst thing you could do in these cases is using cold water pressure washers. Colsoundd water will do little to get these surfaces grease-free, and you’ll end up just pushing around whatever oil you intended to wash away. Hot water is the only correct choice for construction site cleaning.


For the professional truck driver, every second counts. There’s always another load to haul, and taking extra time to clean your vehicle can be a hassle. But when dirt and grime are coating your vehicle, it can poorly reflect on you and your company’s reputation.

You need a pressure washer that can deal with road grime, gas spills, and more to keep your truck spot-free. Not only that but excess oil and grease can be a hazard when loading and unloading your truck bed. Hot water pressure washers were designed to deal specifically with these situations.


For anyone that works in an automotive shop, grease and oil are just part of everyday operation. Cars need oil to function, and grease is necessary to make sure all the vehicles parts are well lubricated and functioning efficiently. This means that most messes you’ll deal with require heavy-duty cleaning power.

A chemical spill can not only be a falling hazard but give off noxious fumes that could harm your employees. For these, and many other messes, a hot water pressure washer is the best solution.

What is the difference in cost between cold and hot water pressure washers?

When you purchase a specialized piece of equipment, it stands to reason you may have to deal with higher costs. It is no different when it comes to hot water and cold water pressure washers. Cold pressure washers do tend to be a bit cheaper, and if you have a small cleaning job to complete, they may be the correct choice.

But if the surface you want to wash has made contact with even the smallest amount of oil and grease, you really don’t have a choice: you will need to use hot water pressure washers. A hot water pressure washer is the only machine equipped to handle the residue left behind by grease and oil.

Not only that, but a hot water pressure washer can handle any spills that a cold water unit can. In that way, you are getting two models of pressure washers for the price of one. Everything from dirt and grime to oil and grease is effectively cleaned by this machine’s hot, pressurized water.

While hot and cold water both work for less stubborn dirt, only hot water can provide the cleaning power necessary for good industrial maintenance. While the bottom line is an important factor in any business decision, you often get what you pay for.

Where can I purchase the best hot water pressure washers?

When it comes to justifying the costs associated with a quality pressure washer unit, you want to get your money’s worth. Some companies will charge top dollar for their hot water pressure washing models, but give you bargain-basement quality.

You need a company that provides the absolute best value for the cost, and high-quality service to back it up. When it comes to machines that can eliminate not only dirt and grime but tough oil and grease, there is only one company that you can trust. And, we can even help you find the right unit – just take a look at our review of the best commercial pressure washers for sale right now.

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Hopefully, this guide helped clear the air, and now you know which type of pressure washer to get for your business. If not, we’re here to help you make the right decision – just give us a call and give us a bit of information as to what you need this machine for, and we’ll be able to make a proper recommendation for you.

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