Does your business stay busy during the winter? Do you keep using your Hotsy pressure washer when most other companies have closed up shop and winterized? Our hot-water pressure washers can stand up to cold-weather work, but for effective cleaning, you need to be prepared. Not only does this mean keeping your pressure washer, wand, and chemicals safe from freezing temps, it almost means selecting the right type of detergent before heading out.

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What Are the Best Hotsy Pressure Washer Detergent Options for Winter?

1. Salt Lick

This will be your go-to product for winter work involving vehicles, heavy machinery, and other equipment. Salt Lick takes care of heavy dirt deposits, grime, road chemicals, and salt simultaneously, so you only need one product when cleaning.

Parking lots and highways often have a lot of de-icing solutions and salt that can get everywhere on vehicles, including the underbody, wheel wells, and exteriors. These road salts are a nightmare when it comes to rust and paint wear, but Salt Lick is a powerful detergent that breaks them down permanently for easy removal.

2. Breakthrough!

One of our most popular products year-round, Breakthrough! keeps on delivering amazing results in the coldest weather. This general-purpose pressure washing detergent is the ideal cleaning solution for a wide range of jobs. It can handle front-to-back automobile cleaning, get rid of built-up mud from building exteriors, and remove grease from metal.

Hotsy Breakthrough! is highly concentrated (common applications use a dilution of 150:1), perfect for winter jobs. If cold weather is making it harder to cut through caked soils, you can slightly tweak the concentration ratio. Because it’s a liquid detergent, it performs well with hot or cold pressure washers.

3. Ripper I

Construction businesses and transportation companies love Ripper I. This is our ultimate heavy-duty degreaser for machinery. Ripper I lives up to its name by tearing away grease, tar, road chemicals, crude oil, and dirt from backhoes, excavators, loaders, trailers, and tankers. At the same time, it doesn’t damage vehicle paint, so your fleet stays in great condition.

4. Blue Thunder

Need a heavy-duty general-purpose cleaner to use on more than vehicles? Blue Thunder is amazing for cleaning brick, concrete, metal, glass, paint, and just about anything else. It performs well in cold water, so winter temperatures can’t stop you. This Hotsy pressure washer detergent can keep storefronts looking clean and professional all winter long.

5. Citrus Clean

Some of your customers are going to want a natural cleaning solution even in winter. Citrus Clean can be used alone or as an additive to environmentally friendly products such as Hotsy Verde All-Purpose. The cleaning power of d-limonene is legendary for grease removal.

Pressure Washer Detergents | Hotsy

Why Is It Important To Choose the Right Hotsy Pressure Washer Detergent for Cold Weather?

Outside temperatures affect how well chemicals work for removing grease, soil, and other contaminants. In freezing climates, you normally need to either use more soap than usual or choose a more concentrated product. Of course, having a hot water Hotsy pressure washer makes a big difference since you can crank up the temperature to maintain great cleaning performance.

We also recommend using liquid detergents with your pressure washer during the winter months. Any powdered detergent will have trouble dissolving in cold temperatures, which can lead to blockage in the detergent dispensing hose. Again, if you’re using your Hotsy hot water pressure washer, it’s easier to dissolve detergent additives, but liquid products are still easier to work with.

Finally, you have to think about the winter conditions you’re going to face on the job. If you spend a lot of time pressure-washing transportation vehicles, prepare for road chemicals and salt. Our detergents rock for getting rid of the road film.

Why Is It Important To Choose the Right Hotsy Pressure Washer Detergent for Cold Weather?

Commercial pressure washing in San Antonio during winter is a whole different beast. Follow these tips to save time and effort:

  • Work indoors if possible
  • Use a hotter water temperature than normal
  • Transport your equipment to the job site in an insulated box truck
  • Drain water completely from your pressure washer and accessories every time
  • Store your Hotsy pressure washer in a heated space
  • Never allow cleaning detergents to freeze

When you’re equipped with the best Hotsy pressure washer equipment and Hotsy detergent, you can keep business flowing smoothly all year. Learn more about our winter products by contacting Hotsy equipment company right away.


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