should i use soap when pressure washing

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I use soap when pressure washing?” you’ve come to the right place! As the experts in all things pressure washing, we’ll cover all that you need to know on the topic.

Not just any ‘ole soap or detergent should be used with your pressure washer when cleaning surfaces or equipment. Doing so can result in a damaged pressure washer or worse—damaging what you were meant to be cleaning! 

That’s why in this article, we’ll go over why pressure washing soap is an effective tool to consider using on cleaning jobs. We’ll explain how you should – and should not – use soap when pressure washing. You’ll also learn which detergents to choose from, and then we’ll quickly explain how to use soap when pressure washing. After reading this article, you’ll no longer be asking if you should use soap when pressure washing. Let’s dive in! 

What Exactly is Pressure Washing Soap?

Pressure washer soap is a product that is specially designed for usage in pressure washers. More often than not, the soap is also biodegradable. The recommended use of pressure washer soap when using a pressure washer is likened to the idea that if you don’t wash your hands without soap, why would you clean your home without it? You don’t!

There are unique pressure washing soap formulas that are customized for different uses. For example, an ultra-concentrated pressure washer detergent is often used to target crude oil or caked-on wheel grease. There are also specially designed pressure washing detergents for cars so as not to damage the paint and glossy surface! 

Should I Use Soap When Pressure Washing?

In some cases, yes – it will help blast through tougher messes you’d otherwise be unable to get through. However, it may not always be necessary.

The benefits of using pressure washer soap can boast magnificent results, especially when cleaning up surfaces that may need a more intense cleaning. In addition, the soap can act as an extra boost to effectively target the oil or grease stains that may clog up or tarnish a surface. To learn effective pressure washing techniques to make the most out of your time and effort, check out our post.

If you’re looking to eliminate dirt or dust buildup on your patio or balcony, pressure washer soap is not required. It can still be used if you’d prefer, but it won’t be the end of all days if you don’t use it. 

Benefits of Using Soap When Pressure Washing

A pressure washing detergent can be an effective tool for more intense pressure washing jobs. The soap is a quick and effective agent to remove tough dirt, stains, oil, and grease. After using soap when pressure washing, whatever surface or equipment you clean will look brand new. 

Check out our post on how to make your own DIY pressure washer detergent to find out how.

We highly recommend using soap when pressure washing for more effective cleaning, faster cleaning time, and more significant results. In addition, lower pressure can be used to prevent damaging your home or equipment. And while you’re cleaning with the soap, you’re also killing germs and bacteria that build up from exposure to the elements or other factors! 

Investing in the right soap is essential to getting the job done right. It’s also important to prevent damage to whatever you’re cleaning. No one wants to end up damaging the paint on their car—that’s expensive to fix! Different soaps and detergents can target different issues like stains, dirt, grease, oil, etc. Using the right one will give you the best bang for your buck. 

Continue reading to find out more on what pressure washing soap to invest in and why it’s important to choose the right one! 

When You May Not Need to Use Soap With Your Pressure Washer

Some jobs do not require the usage of soap with your pressure washer. It is important to note that these will be less intense jobs that only require minimal intensity or work to remove stains or dirt. 

An example would be spraying down the balcony or patio to remove excess dirt and dust. This kind of pressure washing job does not require the usage of soap. However, more intense pressure washing jobs, like removing oil or grease stains, are more likely to require pressure washing soap as an effective cleaning agent. 

The Verdict: You Should Typically Use Soap When Pressure Washing!

We encourage you to use soap to attain the benefits listed. The results are outstanding and efficient in removing tough stains. But, how do you go about it? 

Quick Guide on Using Soap When Pressure Washing

A lot goes into pressure washing, but it doesn’t have to be complicated!

As discussed in our guide on how to use soap with a pressure washer, most pressure washers these days have a detergent tank where you can add the pressure washing soap. If your pressure washer doesn’t have a detergent tank, you will need to find a wand attachment that allows you to add soap to the end of the nozzle. This information is essential for effective pressure washing, which is why you should follow along with our recommended steps listed below!

First Things First – Choose the Right Soap for the Job

Not all soaps are created equal. The same goes for pressure washing soap. Using the wrong soap can damage your pressure washer or even the equipment or surface you are cleaning! As shown in our post on what kind of soap to use in your pressure washer, you need to be strategic with which formulation you use. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Hotsy’s boasts a wide range of pressure washing detergent for all your needs! Each cleaner at Hotsy’s is biodegradable with industrial strength and specifically designed to be used for hot water or cold water pressure washers. With over 40 varieties available to enhance your cleaning process by providing impressive results, at Hotsy’s, we help you save time cleaning! 

Then, Choose the Right Nozzle for Soap

The next question is…which pressure washer nozzle is best used with soap? Choosing the wrong nozzle can end up cracking a window, stripping off paint, or blasting a dent into your car. Out of all the nozzles, the black nozzle is the best. It has the widest angle spray at 65 degrees and is commonly used to apply soaps and detergents onto different surfaces. 

If you want to learn more about which pressure washer nozzle to use for soap, read our article on the matter.

Fill Your Pressure Washer With Soap

To fill your pressure washer with soap, we recommend adding as little as possible, around two to three ounces per gallon of water. If more is needed, then add more. Always start small and then build up to prevent wasting product. 

Check out our post for more information on how soap to use in your pressure washer!

Start Cleaning!

Now, it’s time to start cleaning! You’ll be highly impressed by the results of using pressure washer detergent when cleaning tough surfaces. And if you still have any questions or desire more information on how to use a pressure washer, read our pressure washer guide. The guide walks you through how to use a pressure washer safely, discusses where to find the top commercial pressure washers on the market, and recommends picking the suitable pressure washer for your needs! 

Should I Use Soap When Pressure Washing? Final Thoughts

Using specially designed soap when pressure washing is proven to provide astounding results. It clears up tough-to-remove stains, lessens cleaning time, and eliminates bacteria. So get your soap today—-but don’t forget your industrial hot water pressure washer or cold water pressure washers. Hotsy commercial pressure washers are the #1 choice in the industry for a reason – they clean faster, more effectively, and are as reliable and durable as it gets. Visit a retailer near you to learn more!