A commercial pressure washer san antonio can get a hard cleaning job done quickly. You have a choice to use a hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer, so it’s important to choose the right one for the job. Understanding how a Hotsy pressure washer works can help you choose the right power washer.

Why Choose a Hotsy Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer uses force and water to push dirt and grime off surfaces. Water has polar qualities that make it stick to things. Adding pressure to the mix gives it even more energy to blast away what is sticking to the surface. When high-powered water pressure hits a dirty surface, such as a concrete parking lot, the water and pressure create kinetic energy that has the power to pack a punch against the grime. There are no chemicals used, so the surface typically doesn’t get any damage unless you use too much pressure to clean it.

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Why Use a Hot Water Hotsy Pressure Washer?

If you’ve ever tried to wash dishes in tepid or cold water, you understand that cold water doesn’t always clean grease effectively. It is possible to get grease off items using cold water, but hot water is much more effective. Higher temperatures kill bacteria and break through oil and grease better than cold. You may not be thinking that your parking lot needs to be sanitized, but the higher temperature of hot water breaks up the car oils and grease, creating hazards in your lot.

What Type of Surfaces and Applications Are Appropriate For Hot Water Hotsy Pressure Washer?

Heated water can break down dirt and grime at a molecular level, cleaning surfaces faster and thoroughly. If you’re cleaning any surface contaminated with grease or oil, a hot water Hotsy pressure washer will be the better option. If you’re breaking through sand, mud, or paint, cold water will probably work fine. If you’re cleaning cooking oils, grease, or petroleum, such as on a shop floor or in a commercial kitchen, a hot water pressure washer will be better.

Hot water pressure washers are also more effective:

  • On chewing gum removal, the high temperatures and pressure can melt the chewing gum bonds on the surface
  • With ice dam removal by melting ice quicker to remove it from the home’s eaves
  • Cleaning automotive parts washing due to the heavier oils and greases involved
  • Concrete cleaning can go quicker with hot water pressure washers
  • When used on thawing frozen water lines

A good rule of thumb is that whatever cold water cleans, hot water can clean faster and better. A hot water pressure washer is not a steam cleaner. Steam can be an effective cleaning method on some surfaces, but a Hotsy pressure washer uses hot water and pressure to clean the surface. The agitation of the water combined with heat provides effective cleaning.

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What About Water Conservation When Using a Pressure Washer?

High pressured water cleaning often comes under criticism for using a precious resource for cleaning. Hotsy equipment company pressure washers use less water when cleaning than regular cleaning. Combining the power of high temperatures and pressure improves cleaning efficiency. Garden hoses use about 8 gallons per minute, but a pressure washer only uses about 5 gallons per minute. Adding pressure makes the stream stronger, which improves your cleaning ability. You clean faster, meaning that you use less water in the long run and not putting so much water through the system. You do save money while using less of our natural resources.

Select the Right Equipment For Your Cleaning Jobs

A hot water pressure washer is more expensive than a cold water pressure washer, but it gets the job done right the first time, saving you time and money. Look at the type of cleaning you need to find the right equipment for your needs. Hotsy offers a selection of washers that are easy to maneuver and use in industrial settings, both indoors and outdoors. For light cleaning each week, you may choose a less expensive model. If you’re cleaning with a pressure washer over 20 hours a week, you’ll want a higher quality model that stands up to time. Check out our selection of pressure washers and ask for a demo.


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