Whether you’re washing your clothes or scrubbing your floors, there are situations where cold water is preferred over hot water and vice versa. When it comes to power washing, the situation is no different. There are times when hot water may work best and times when cold water will yield the kind of results you want. The trick is being able to determine which situations require cold water versus hot. To help make things a little easier for the average homeowner or business owner, here are some of the times when you’ll want to reach for a cold Hotsy pressure washer san antonio.

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Situations When Cold Pressure Washing Is Preferred

Before you decide whether a cold Hotsy pressure washer is right for you, take some time to analyze your cleaning goals. What types of buildup do you deal with most regularly? How often do you plan to use your pressure washer? Hotsy equipment company offers many different pressure washer options, so it’s very important to carefully consider your cleaning needs before choosing the one that will serve you best.

Here are a few common cleaning situations that respond very well to a cold Hotsy power washer:

  • Dirt-encased concrete driveways, walkways, and other concrete surfaces
  • Muddy vehicles, hub caps, and other vehicle parts
  • Dirty decks and patios
  • Grimy siding

Cold water is also best for surfaces composed of plastic or wood. Using hot water on these types of surfaces could potentially warp and permanently damage them. So before you take any pressurized stream of water to your vehicle’s plastic exterior body parts or your wooden deck, make sure the stream is cold water instead of hot water.

Any exterior surface that’s caked in soil from regular exposure is best cleaned with a cold Hotsy pressure washer. You’ll save the expense of using a hot pressure washer, and you’ll also minimize any chances of damage to the surface you’re cleaning. Cold pressurized water is strong enough to remove any amount of caked-on dirt and dust on various surfaces.

If you notice that your cold Hotsy pressure washer isn’t effectively removing dirt and grime, consider adding a power washer detergent to the water. The addition of detergent may be necessary to clean stubborn mud and dirt from any exterior surface.

Situations When Cold Pressure Washing May Not Cut It

Though cold pressure washing is preferred in many situations over hot pressure washing, it’s not ideal for everything. Its primary weakness is that it won’t effectively remove grease and oil from various surfaces.

So, if you’re dealing with any surface that’s covered in grease or oil, cold pressure washing may not be very effective. Hot water is much more effective than cold water at breaking down stubborn grease and clean it off various surfaces. It’s also better at sterilizing potentially germy surfaces that may be affected by algae, bacteria, or viruses.

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How Cold and Hot Pressure Washers Differ

Hot and cold pressure washers work in the same general way. They both utilize water pressure to effectively remove unwanted dirt and grime buildup from various exterior surfaces. However, cold pressure washers do so without the addition of heat. That’s why Hotsy equipment company usually recommends cold pressure washers for any surfaces that could potentially be damaged by water that’s heated up to 200⁰ Fahrenheit.

If you ever have any questions about whether hot water will damage a particular surface, stick with a cold Hotsy power washer. You can always add professional cleaning detergent to maximize your cleaning power. If you don’t need to clean surfaces matted with oil and grease regularly, a cold pressure washer should meet your cleaning needs and expectations very well.

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