hot water pressure washer

Hard work makes a mess, and some substances can be incredibly difficult to remove from any surface. Traditional cold pressure washers are good for some tough spills, but anyone who’s dealt with grease can tell you that cold water just doesn’t cut it.

When it comes to dealing with grease and oil on a molecular level, you need a machine designed to tear it apart at the source. While cold water pressure washers are adept at handling many situations and might be a bit lower in cost, they don’t work for every industry.

Hot Water Pressure Washers: the only solution for tough spills

For every cleaning job that cold water can’t handle, hot water pressure washers are the answer. It can be tough to know what sets hot water pressure washers apart, but there are key differences that make hot water washers the only high-pressure tool capable of handling difficult grease or oil spills.

What’s the difference between a hot water pressure washer and similar cleaning equipment?

While both pressure washers have their benefits, hot water pressure washers have some distinct advantages over their cold water counterparts. Cold water pressure washers utilize high pressure and soap to scrub caked-on dirt, grime and paint from a variety of surfaces.

Cold water pressure washer

These pressure washers work better for temperature-sensitive surfaces, like plastic. Cold water washers also work better when working with wood, and are quite adept at pulling the grime off of fences or other wooden structures.

Cold water pressure washers also tend to cost slightly less, as they are geared more towards homeowners and those with casual cleaning needs. If you only have to contend with a smaller job, cold water washers may be just the purchase you need.

There are certain scenarios where a cold water pressure washer could be the tool you need. But for many business owners and industry workers, the messes they are dealing with are no small task. If you are dealing with oil and grease spills, a cold water pressure washer just isn’t up to snuff.

Ineffective against tougher spills

Without the elevated temperatures of hot water to break down the oil, a cold water pressure washer simply moves these substances around, creating an even larger mess. For these situations, you need a pressure washer designed to handle tougher jobs.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers use high pressure and high temperatures to deal with stubborn messes. The water in these machines can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and evaporate spills that cold water can’t handle.

Not only that, but hot water can wash anything that cold water can. As long as you aren’t dealing with a heat-sensitive surface, these pressure washers always offer a superior clean. Hot water pressure washers will always match or outperform their cold water counterparts.

What About Steam Cleaners?

Steam cleaners have been compared to hot water pressure washers due to their shared use of heated water, but this is not a solid comparison.

An electric-powered steam cleaner can certainly work wonders on something small like a carpet, but it has little in the way of commercial cleaning power or hot pressure. Unfortunately, the only thing this machine has in common with the hot water pressure washer is heat.

What kind of industries does a hot water pressure washer work best for?

If you work in an industry where oil or grease is a part of daily life, you need a pressure washing machine powerful enough to handle it. Hot water pressure washers were designed to function best in these situations, and are perfect for several different sectors.


For an automotive shop, oil and grease are an ever-present issue. When you have to wash automotive parts, traditional soap and water just isn’t going to cut it. Even high-pressure water alone won’t be able to effectively scrub certain surfaces clean.

That’s where hot water comes in handy. A spill can be dangerous when working around car parts, and one fall could be disastrous. With a hot water pressure washer, you can ensure this doesn’t happen.


Heavy-duty machines can get filthy, and taking extra time to clean can add stress when deadlines are approaching. Cold water just doesn’t have the washing power to deal with the washing jobs that crop up on a job site.

Hot pressure gives cleaning equipment the power necessary to clean more difficult dirty surfaces. The heat melts away mud and dirt, allowing workers to more clearly see the materials they are dealing with, and work in a safer environment.

Food Service

Commercial food service requires countless gallons of cooking oil every year, and not every gallon gets into the fryer. With tables filling up and tickets printing, there isn’t much energy left at the end of the day to get down on your hands and knees and scrub with some ineffective chemicals.

Hot water pressure washers can provide a quick and efficient way to wash a surface and save valuable time. The high heat also helps eliminate bacteria, an important function in a food service setting.


Diesel fuel can be a pain to wash up, and the professional truck driver doesn’t have time to spare between long-haul trips. Not only that but tough dirt and grime can coat your vehicle, making for an ugly sight when you pull into the yard.

A good pressure washing can quickly eradicate both, and get you back on the road. For a trucker, time is money, and a dirty truck can harm a company’s reputation. Having a hot water pressure washer can get your truck cleaned fast, and keep it looking spotless.


Manufacturers spend enough time worrying about maintenance and dealing with complex machinery. Hard workers in this industry require an efficient way to clean.

The high-temperature cleaning power of a hot water pressure washer can clean spills with the speed you need to get operations back up and running.

What environments does a hot water pressure washer work best?

With winter rapidly approaching, the coming cold doesn’t mean your cleaning needs go into hibernation. But when you keep your water pressure washers cold, you may find it malfunctioning when you need it most. That is one of the major benefits of hot water.

Snow and Sleet

In some areas in the northern United States, you may be finding yourself in cold temperatures a majority of the year. These icy temperatures can completely freeze the water in cold water pressure washers. Not only will this damage the equipment, but will make it impossible to clean the surface you intended to pressure wash.

When the snow starts to sweep in, a pressure washer with hot water doesn’t flinch. Hot water pressure washers have no trouble functioning in colder environments and are rated to operate in below-freezing temperatures. The electric or gas-powered engines keep the water pressure washers hot, even as the environment around you rapidly cools.

How does a hot water pressure washer deal with grease and oil?

While the operation of a hot water pressure washer is quite simple, the science behind it is complex. The washing power behind these machines can be attributed to three driving factors: Hot water, detergent, and high pressure. Each one of these key elements is important to giving hot water pressure washers their powerful cleaning abilities.

Hot Water

The temperature of a pressure washer’s hot water is the driving force behind its incredible cleaning power. This heat causes the molecules in the water to move at higher speeds, giving them the ability actually to tear grease molecules apart. Hot water also reduces water’s surface tension, so it can penetrate far further than cold water.


The commercial detergent used in a pressure washer is the chemical component of this cleaning trifecta. Detergent gets to work on hardened grease and begins to quickly break it down. Softening agents in these products emulsify tough messes, making them a much easier target for pressure washing.

High Pressure

The high kinetic energy of fast-moving water has the ability to disburse even the most heavily caked-on dirt and grime, allowing this equipment to laser in on problem areas, no matter the surface. The combination of high water volume and high water pressure makes pressure washing a powerful way to clean.

Does a hot water pressure washer cost more?

Crafting a pressure washer that uses hot water isn’t easy, and requires a different set of equipment and maintenance. The cost of heated water pressure cleaning machines is well justified in not only its power but also in its high-quality components.

Whether gas or electric powered, a commercial hot water pressure washer has countless advantages over competing cleaning equipment. An investment in a quality piece of equipment is always a positive step in planning for the future.

Cleaning Equipment worth the price

We all want to spend less on any business purchase, no doubt. No one wants to toss money on the burner, and as a business owner, you have to keep the bottom line in mind. Sure, you can shop around on some cheap websites, but you get what you pay for.

While a cold water pressure washer may save you a couple of dollars now, is it going to be able to effectively clean greasy surfaces? Absolutely not.

Cold water just doesn’t cut it

It may be able to get out dirt, and maybe even paint, but at the end of the day, you will be able to tell the difference. Cold water pressure washers can handle those day-to-day average messes, but when it comes to industrial level spills, you need something more powerful.

In these cases, you need a high-temperature solution to your cleaning problems. The cost will mean nothing if your cheaper equipment doesn’t get the job done.

Where can I get a high-quality hot water pressure washer?

Before you purchase any machine you need to know you’re getting a professional, top-of-the-line piece of equipment. You know the advantages of pressure washers that use hot water, but what brand of pressure washer will you go with?

With the higher cost of heated washing equipment, you want to know you’re getting the most for your money. You need a pressure washing machine that can destroy oil and grease, and clean any surface with high-speed heat.

There’s only one brand that consistently delivers the best in pressure washing devices and the best in customer service at the same time. You need a company that’s been in the business long enough to know what you need, and how to get it to you with no hassle.

Hotsy: Oil and Grease don’t stand a chance

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