How to winterize your hot water pressure washer

Whether you’re trying to get rid of oil from your driveway or wash graffiti off a building, a pressure washer will be your best friend.

Hot water pressure washers make it quick and easy for you to get rid of grime from surfaces that would otherwise be a time-consuming and challenging task to do.

Because it makes our lives so much easier, we want to do everything we can to keep it from breaking. Improper storage, especially during the winter, can cause your pressure washer to break.

To avoid breaking your pressure washer and avoid costly replacements, you need to prep your pressure washer before storing it for the winter.

How? By learning how to winterize hot water pressure washer correctly, of course!

What Does It Mean To “Winterize” Something?

Simply put, to winterize something means to prepare it for winter or to make it winter-proof. You winterize something for either of these two reasons:

  • To make something fit for use during the winter season or,
  • To ensure that things you don’t use during winter won’t break while in storage and will still be functional when spring comes.

Does A Hot Water Pressure Washer Really Need To Be Winterized?

The answer is a resounding yes! It is absolutely necessary to winterize a pressure washer and it isn’t even that complicated to do.

You should never forget to winterize your pressure washer. Winterizing your pressure washer will keep its internal seals lubricated even when stored in freezing temperatures.

If you don’t winterize a pressure washer, the cold temperature will severely damage your machine.

Your pipe system will crack and corrode. By the time you take it out of the storage, it will be useless, and you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars replacing the parts.

How Do You Winterize A Hot Water Pressure Washer?

To protect your pressure washer from the winter and still have it running by spring, we’ll be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to winterize both gas-powered and electric pressure washers.

How To Winterize A Gas Pressure Washer

  1. Start off by adding a fuel stabilizer to your pressure washer. Make sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions for this part.
  2. Turn on the pressure washer and run the engine for two minutes. This allows the fuel stabilizer to circulate throughout the entire fuel system.
  3. Next, you want to remove all water and detergent from the pressure washer’s system. Grab a bucket with clean water and place the injection tube into the bucket. Run the pressure washer at low-pressure mode for one to two minutes, then turn off your engine and main water supply.
  4. Point your spray gun in a safe direction and squeeze the trigger to release any water that might have been trapped in the pressure washer.
  5. Disconnect all hoses and drain the water from the hose, spray gun, and nozzle extension.
  6. Pull the recoil handle six times and it will remove any remaining water from the pump system.
  7. Finally, put on some eye protection, grab your “Pump Saver” anti-freeze, and insert it into the pump inlet following the manufacturer’s directions.

How To Winterize An Electric Pressure Washer

  1. Depending on the model of your pressure washer, you will either have to fill up your onboard detergent tanks with hot tap water or stick the detergent siphon hose into a container of hot water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Switch on your pressure washer and run it on low-pressure mode to get rid of any residual detergent from the system. Keep it running for 30 to 60 seconds.
  3. Turn off your garden hose and remove the garden hose from your pressure washer.
  4. Remove the lance, spray gun, and hose from your pressure washer, then turn your pressure washer on for 10 seconds, rocking the machine back and forth to ensure that all water gets removed from the system.
  5. Add “Pump Saver” anti-freeze into your pressure washer’s pump inlet, once again following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Unplug your pressure washer and store it in an area that won’t go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

It doesn’t take much to winterize your pressure washer. Whether it’s a gas pressure washer or an electric pressure washer, it will only take you about 10 to 15 minutes to get it done.

Although we gave you six to seven-step instructions. You’re really only doing two things when winterizing your pressure washer.

First is getting rid of all the liquids in your machines and, second, making sure to lubricate it with anti-freeze. Doing these two things will ensure that your pressure washers don’t freeze while they’re in storage during the winter.

So always make it a habit to winterize your pressure washer, and you’ll never have to worry about it breaking.

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