Pressure washers do more than just clean; they offer a deep scrub of dirt and grime that wipes off years of build-up stains. These heavy-duty machines have a purpose to revitalize businesses, and today Hotsy wants to explain what they’re used for, and how they help you. 

What Businesses Use Pressure Washers? 

All kinds. Here at Hotsy alone, our clients run the gamut from fast food companies (McDonalds, Sonic), gas stations and grocery stores (Travel Centers of America, Flying J, H-E-B), pipeline companies (Plains All-American Pipeline), oil & gas companies (EOG Resources, Marathon Oil, BXP Energy), internet providers (NuStar), the city of San Antonio, and so much more. 

These businesses all have one thing in common, which is that they own physical locations that need deep cleanings from time-to-time. Hotsy is proud to help with that.

Why Are Pressure Washers Used?  

Pressure washers are utilized for deep-cleaning jobs, the kind of work where a towel and spray just won’t cut it. Frequently used by businesses, they use a pump to push water out at a force that removes stains which have seeped into a material. 

These washers either run on gas or electricity, and are often available at any local hardware store. 

Why Can’t I Just Use a Hose? Or Clean It Up Myself? 

Because some stains are too much for regular cleaning supplies to handle. That’s because dirt hardens the longer it’s exposed to the elements. If more smudge accumulates on top of that, you very quickly can find yourself dealing with a cake-in stain that’s not only gross to work around, but can also be hazardous, especially if substances like mold start to settle in. 

Hotsy pressure washers specialize in hitting these messes with hard-hitting PSI, so even the firmest dirt washes away. In all our years, we’ve yet to meet a mess that we can’t clean up, and we intend to keep it that way. 

Do I Need An Expert To Handle A Pressure Washer? 

Nope! The best thing about Hotsy pressure washers is that our first-class materials are always simple for you to use. It’s as simple as turning on the machine and pressing the nozzle to fire away at any stains in your way. 

How Do I Know If I Need A Pressure Washer? 

Take a look around your business’ establishment. Is there dirt, grime, or mold that hasn’t come off the last few times you’ve had it cleaned? Have you exhausted all the elbow grease you can to remove it? 

If you have, it’s time for a pressure washer in San Antonio. Not only will it save you the time and physical effort of handwashing, but it will also do a better job to boot.