Pressure washers are extremely powerful cleaning tools. Using a cold water Hotsy pressure washer increases your ability to clean dirt and grime off many surfaces without harsh chemicals. When you shop for a pressure washer, you may wonder if a hot water pressure washer is right for you. Deciding whether you need a cold-water system or a hot-water pressure washer depends on your cleaning needs.

Benefits of a Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers offer benefits over cold water by increasing the water’s temperature used to wash the surface. If you’ve ever tried to wash dishes with lukewarm water, you know that the dishes don’t feel as clean because cooler water doesn’t break through grease and oils as well as hot water. Coldwater moves the oil particles around without cleaning them off the surface.

The Hotsy hot water pressure washer uses water-heated as warm as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making the pressure washer more effective to clean oil and grease. For automotive companies or foodservice organizations, hot water pressure washers are a better option because of their added power. You can also add a detergent to your cleaner to really push through the oil and grime.

Heated Pressure Washer | Hotsy

Benefits of a Hotsy Pressure Washer

Hotsy equipment is often called the muscle cars of pressure washers. Our brand is known for being the clear choice of cleaning equipment, regardless of your industry. Our quality is beyond reproach. Here’s what our brand is known for:

  • Longevity – a Hotsy pressure washer retains its value because it is built to last for a long time. Even older pressure washers have a good trade-in value because of the quality.
  • Heat efficiency – our pressure washers use a high-efficiency upright burner that offers maximum heat.
  • Engineering – we have a high-quality manufacturing process to create our equipment. We weld our frames together instead of using bolts. Additionally, instead of using metal tanks that rust, we use polyethylene, which lasts longer. All of our equipment is tested by engineers before coming to the marketplace.
  • Easy financing options – qualified buyers have a wide range of financing options to own your equipment.
  • Safety certified – our pressure washers are ETL-certified through Intertek Electrical Testing Labs, an OSHA recognized testing laboratory.
  • Ongoing support – when you purchase Hotsy equipment, you get support from our sales and service department. Whether you have questions or need replacement parts, we’re here to help you get answers and find solutions. We’re here for you to keep your equipment running efficiently.
  • Eco-friendly – Hotsy equipment uses water, but because it uses water more efficiently than a hose, you are environmentally friendly. Even our cold-water pressure washers clean more effectively than a hose at a lower rate of water usage. High pressure gives you more power to clean harder.

Hotsy is a company that has been at the forefront of pressure washers since 1970. The Colorado headquarters building was 100% solar-powered in the 1990s before solar power became trendy. Hotsy manufactures their own water pumps, which gives them complete control over the specs and outcome. Hotsy is the leader in car wash bay systems.

Heated Pressure Washer | Hotsy

Choosing the Right Hotsy Pressure Washer For Your Jobs 

A hot water pressure washer in San Antonio does cost more than a cold-water system due to the additional mechanical components that heat the water to the right temperature. Because hot water cleans so much more effectively on certain substances, don’t discount the price without considering the time saved by getting the surface cleaned well the first time and the money saved by using less water and detergents. This way, you need less labor to get good results. Your pressure washer is versatile, so you’ll be able to use it to clean many different applications. Over time, the pressure washer will earn back its initial investment.

When deciding which Hotsy pressure washer will fit your needs, consider the types of cleaning and surfaces you plan to do. Professional pressure washers from Hotsy are built to last to give you plenty of power for all of your cleaning jobs. If you’re unsure which Hotsy model will fit your needs, we can help you narrow your options based on what you need to clean.  Contact us to find a local Hotsy dealer who can help you find the right cleaning tools.


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The Advantages of Utilizing a Hotsy Hot-Water Pressure Washer | Hotsy Equipment Company, San Antonio TX