Your business deserves the best industrial pressure washing equipment, and you shouldn’t trust a subpar pressure washer to achieve that. Hotsy is here to offer the best pressure washers in the industry, trusted by major companies such as McDonalds and H-E-B.

If you’re considering how a pressure washer can help you’re business, we’re happy to share this blog with you, which answers any questions you have about them.

What are industrial & commercial washers used for?

Pressure washers are utilized for deep-cleaning jobs, the kind of work where a towel and spray just won’t cut it. Frequently used by businesses, they use a pump to
push water out at a force that removes stains which have seeped into a material. These washers either run on gas or electricity, and which one you need depends on the kind of job that needs to be done.

Do I need a gas or electric professional washer?

This will change depending on the size of your job. A small cleaning job, like say some concrete in your backyard, will be best served with an electric pressure washer.
There is almost no upkeep involved, nor are there pesky fumes to worry about. Larger jobs, one in which you’re cleaning for a sustained period of time, will require a gas pressure washer. They offer more force than an electric pressure washer, which makes them more effective at cleaning set-in dirt and stains. The strength of these tools makes them more useful for cleaning commercial surfaces, such as parking lots, runways, and industrial equipment.

Do I need a hot or cold water cleaning washer?

Once you’ve decided on a gas or electric pressure washer, it’s time to make another decision: selecting a hot water or cold water pressure washer. Here are the benefits of both.

Cold Pressure Washer: If your goal is just to clean dirt and mud off of patios, decks, sidewalks, and driveways, a cold water pressure washer is your best bet. Like the electric-versus-gas discussion, it’s about what does a simple job quickly.

Hot Pressure Washer: However, if you need a deeper clean on a surface like a greasy grill, you should go with a hot water pressure heater. That’s because hot water is needed to remove grease and oil from surfaces. Cold water just pushes it around.

What’s more important? PSI or GPM?

First, let’s define both. PSI stands for pounds-per-square-inch (pressure), while GPM stands for gallons-per-minute (flow). Both are actually equally important when
choosing a pressure washer, so you’ll want to pick equipment that emphasizes both, like Hotsy materials.

Are these washers safe to use?

100%. Pressure washers are sold across the country for anyone to use, and these products are developed to meet industry standards and certifications.
In particular, All Hotsy pressure washers meet rigorous safety certifications. Hotsy equipment meets OSHA (CCOHS) regulation 1910.399 and 1910.303(a). It’s also compliant with the Clean Air Act (section 213). Hotsy manufacturing facilities are registered to both ISO-14001 Environmental Standard and ISO-9001 Quality Standard.

How much does a pressure washer cost?

You can check the prices of local hardware stores to see. However, it’s important to note that Hotsy pressure washers are industrial grade with superior components compared to what one would find at their local hardware store, especially if you’re looking to rent out a pressure washer for your business. Why? Because it’s a combination of best-in-class materials and a price that makes sense.

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I just bought an industrial/commercial washer. What accessories do I need?

Before you start your cleaning job, make sure you have the following accessories to go with your pressure washer:
● Specialty nozzles
● Rotating brush
● Hose extension
● Pump lube
● Professional cleaning fluid
● Variable pressure wands
● Surface cleaners
These will reduce the time it takes to clean, and do a better job to boot.