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One reason people don’t buy a Hotsy pressure washer is that they feel they won’t use it enough. They think there are only so many things you can clean with a pressure washer and that it will just end up sitting in their shed. However, there are more uses for a Hotsy pressure washer than you may have realized. With one of these systems, you can clean various things around your home or business, giving the area the thorough cleaning it needs. Below are just some of the different uses for a Hotsy pressure washer that you may not have considered:
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Concrete Surfaces

One of the primary uses for a pressure washer is cleaning concrete surfaces. This includes parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and garage floors. Over time dirt, leaves, and other debris can build-up on the concrete, diminishing the color. If you want to get your concrete looking like new again, the best way is to blast away the buildup with a pressure washer. Concrete is also strong enough that you don’t have to worry about damaging it with the high-pressure washer.

Patio Tiles

Like driveways and sidewalks, you can also use a pressure washer to clean off your patio tiles. When you’re sitting outside, or when you have company over, you want your patio to look its best. This isn’t the case if your patio tiles are covered in dirt and grime. Whether your tiles are made out of concrete or some other stone, you can clean them off in a hurry using a pressure washer. Once you do, you can begin to see the colors of your stone again.


If you have anything made of brick, you know how difficult cleaning it can be. Using a regular hose doesn’t do much, and scrubbing anything up against the brick doesn’t work well. The answer is using a pressure washer. A pressure washer quickly cleans your brick walls, stairs, pathways, fireplaces, and more. One of the best features of brick is the bright red colors, something you don’t get to see when it gets dirty. Bring out the color of your bricks once again by using a pressure washer to clean off the dirt buildup.

Vinyl Siding

Many homes these days have vinyl siding on the outside. One of the major benefits of vinyl siding is that it is easier to keep clean. However, cleaning the outside of a home still takes a lot of time if you don’t have the right equipment. A pressure washer quickly blasts away the grime outside the home, completing the job a lot faster. Many homeowners don’t even notice the buildup of grime on their home, as it happens so gradually. But once you start using a pressure washer on it, you’ll realize just how desperately your home needed this cleaning.

Wood Surfaces

Besides concrete, stone, brick, and vinyl, pressure washers also work on wood surfaces. This makes it perfect for cleaning surfaces like your deck or any fencing you may have. Just like your patio, you want your deck to look its best. But beyond that, cleaning your deck with a pressure washer can even make it safer. When dirt and grime are allowed to buildup on a patio, they can make it slippery to walk on. As for your fencing, you can keep it looking like new with the occasional high-pressure washing.Car Pressure Washing - Hotsy

Cars and Trucks

One use for pressure washers that many people don’t know about is for their cars and trucks. Rather than taking your car to a car wash, you can turn on your pressure washer and give it a thorough cleaning all over. Pressure washers can blast away even the most stuck-on dirt, making your car or truck look like new again. If you’re using a pressure washer on your vehicle, be sure you have the right Hotsy pressure washing parts. This includes the correct nozzle, so you don’t damage the vehicle’s paint and soap that is safe to use on a car’s finish.

Other Uses

The above uses more than justify the cost of a Hotsy pressure washer. However, there are even more uses. For example, you could use a pressure washer to clean your home’s windows or business on the outside. You could also use it to clean off any patio furniture you have sitting outside so that you don’t need to scrub each piece by hand. Finally, you can clean off some of your equipment, like your lawnmower or boat, making them look fresh and new. Essentially, if the item can withstand the high-pressure water stream, you can likely clean it with a pressure washer.

Investing in a Hotsy Pressure Washer

Keeping up with the exterior of your home or business looking great is a time-consuming task. There is so much to do that if you attempt to do it all by hand, you can say goodbye to hours of your free time. To speed up the process, you should strongly consider getting a pressure washer from the Hotsy Equipment company. Our pressure washers not only save you time but they make the cleaning process easier as well. And with so many surfaces you can clean with a  pressure washer, you’re sure to get more use out of it than you realized.


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